Concert Hall Use Guidelines

Effective Fall 2001

These guidelines provide details on policies and procedures related to use of the Concert Hall. Questions about any of the details therein should be directed to the Concert Hall manager, Nicole Mulhausen (room 201, music building; 253.879.8564;


  • A University of Puget Sound department or administrative office must sponsor all Concert Hall events.
  • Reservations should be made as far in advance as possible (see also Priority). Tentative reservations may be placed by phone at 253.879.8564 or via
  • Reservations are confirmed only upon completion and receipt of the Concert Hall Specifications form, which is available both outside room 104 and the Concert Hall Control Room (room 201). Forms must be submitted to a concert hall staff person or placed in the Concert Hall Manager’s mailbox.
  • Forms should be submitted at least two weeks prior to an event and one week prior to a rehearsal.
  • Students wishing to reserve the hall for any reason must have a faculty signature.
  • All non-required student recitals must take place before Spring Break of any given academic year.

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Requests for reservations will be accepted from university faculty, staff, and students. Every effort will be made to honor valid and, if required, approved requests for the Concert Hall. Should a conflict arise and no agreeable compromise reached, requests will be honored in the following priority:

  1. School of Music large ensembles and annual university events (e.g., academic convocation, President’s fall and spring family weekend events)
  2. Jacobsen Series performances
  3. President’s or Dean’s office
  4. School of Music concerts in the following order: faculty ensembles and/or recitals (to include festivals, workshops, etc.), required student recitals, and guest master classes
  5. UPS offices and departments
    • Office of University Relations 
    • Admission
    • ASUPS 
    • Other departmental events
  6. Community Music Department
  7. Other School of Music events (faculty master classes, classes/sectionals/lessons/other

Staffing for events is prioritized according to the above list. Under unusual circumstances, exceptions may be made to the above-prioritized order. The Concert Hall Manager determines whether a request for use of the Concert Hall is appropriate. If contested, the request may be referred first to the Director of the School of Music and, if necessary, to the Academic Vice President.

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  • Required School of Music Junior Recitals are to be split, lasting no longer than 70 minutes, including intermission.
  • Required School of Music Senior Recitals will be limited to 60 minutes in length, including intermission.
  • All other School of Music student recitals shall adhere to the same time limits: 60 minutes, including intermission, for a single recital, and 70 minutes for a split recital.
  • All other concerts shall be no longer than 90 minutes.

Performance times are to be uniform: Monday through Saturday evenings at 7:30 p.m. and Sundays at 2 p.m.

Note: Due to staffing and usage limitations, both the Concert Hall Manager and the Director of the School of Music must approve any exceptions to these policies.

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Note: When a window is in place (usually Wednesday through the Friday/Saturday performance), no one will be allowed to alter the stage set up for any reason.

  • Students will be guaranteed one hour of rehearsal time prior to a recital. A second rehearsal hour is contingent upon space availability.
    Students will be allowed one hour of rehearsal time for a jury.
  • Unless unusual circumstances warrant it, faculty rehearsals will be limited to a total of eight hours for any given performance.
  • The Concert Hall is not to be viewed as a rehearsal space. Rehearsal times are limited to performance preparation and must be scheduled within three weeks of a performance.
  • Rehearsal times will be booked on a first come, first served basis. Please note: Concert Hall availability is very limited at the end of semesters. Advance reservation is strongly encouraged.

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Note: The use of house lights (light box) will take place only during a performance. Otherwise, the light box will remain locked.

  • Work lights will be used for rehearsals and set-ups.
  • Additional lighting needs (including access to the control room light board) must be cleared through the Concert Hall Manager.
  • Unauthorized changes or damage to the stage lighting will require contracted services to remedy the situation that will be charged to the responsible party.

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CD recordings are made for large ensemble concerts, Jacobsen Series concerts and other Faculty recitals, guest artist recitals (upon request), and required student recitals. All other recordings are made with the backstage cassette equipment.

CD recordings of large ensemble performances may be ordered through the Concert Hall Manager’s office. Those wanting recordings must fill out a CD request form and submit it with payment no later than the Tuesday following a performance. For more information please refer to the CD Request form.

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Audio/Visual Equipment

Note: The Concert Hall Manager must clear use of all audio and visual equipment at least one week prior to the event.

Concert Hall audio equipment is limited to microphones, speakers, and a portable PA system. Should audio and/or visual needs exceed the capacity of the equipment in the Concert Hall or the expertise of the staff, the Concert Hall Manager will contact Media Services. In this case, at least three weeks notice is required for advanced technical needs. Some situations may also require approval from the Director of the School of Music.

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  • The Chism piano is available only for required student recitals by piano performance majors, Jacobsen Series concerts and other faculty recitals, guest artist performances, and the concerto/aria competition.
  • Tanya Stambuk must approve all requests for use of the Chism piano.
  • For events other than those listed above, the second Steinway and/or the Mason & Hamlin pianos are available.

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Note: All non-Concert Hall reservations (for receptions, classes, etc.) should be made through the School of Music office at 253.879.3700.

Access to the Concert Hall Control Room is limited to Concert Hall staff. In unusual circumstances, and with the approval of the Concert Hall Manager, access may be granted, but only when a Concert Hall staff person is present.

Note: Room 104 (backstage storage room) will not be used as a warm-up space or as a stage entrance.

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  • Due to the limited capacity of the lobby, the house will open 45 minutes prior to a performance.
  • It is the exclusive responsibility of the Concert Hall staff to move the Towers. Preference for placement of the Towers must be indicated on the Concert Hall Specifications form – see Reservations.
  • Storage of equipment and props is not allowed in Concert Hall facilities after the reserved time has ended.
  • The University of Puget Sound is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items.
  • Food and drinks may not be consumed or served in the Concert Hall or the Concert Hall lobby. Exceptions to the use of the lobby for receptions may be made on rare occasions with the approval of the Concert Hall Manager and the Director of the School of Music.

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