Wind Ensemble 2017-18



Date Performed

 "Overture" from Dancer in the Dark  Bjork 10/12/17 
 Bach's Fugue a la Gigue J.S. Bach  10/12/17 
 that secret from the river J. Puckett  10/12/17 
 Adagio para Orquestra de Instrumentos de Viento  J. Rodrigo  12/1/17
Scherzo Alla Marcia from Symphony No. 8  R.V. Williams   12/1/17

Concerto for Piano and Wind Instruments

 I. Largo-Allegro-Maestoso

 II. Larghissimo

 III. Allegro-Agitato-Lento-Stringendo 

I. Stravinsky   12/1/17


E. Knechtges 3/3/18

Falling Stars

C. T. Chan 3/3/18

Trains of Thought

A. Shapiro 3/3/18

"Allegro" from Concerto for Four

Marimbas and Wind Ensemble

P. A. Price-Brenner 3/3/18

The House of Life

   I. Gracious Moonlight

   II. Severed Selves

   III. Mid-Rapture

R. Hutchinson 3/3/18

that secret from the river

J. Puckett 3/3/18

"Jupiter" from The Planets

G. Holst 4/20/18

Star Wars Trilogy

   I. The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme)

   II. Princess Leia's Theme

   III. Battle in the Forest

   IV. Yoda's Theme

   V. Star Wars (Main Theme)

J. Williams  4/20/18