Voci d'Amici: 2007-08

Work Composer Date Performed
Precious Lord, from I Have a Dream Arr. Robert Convery 11/03/2007
Hiney Mah Tov (Hebrew Folk Song) Arr. Iris Levine 11/03/2007
Deep River (Traditional Spiritual) Arr. Walter Goodell 11/03/2007
Nelly Bly Stephen Foster, Arr. Jack Halloran 11/03/2007
When Allen-A-Dale Went A-Hunting Robert Pearsall 04/27/2008
Dashing Away with the Smoothing Iron John Rutter 04/27/2008
The Oak and the Ash Arr. Bordon Langford 04/27/2008
MLK U2 04/27/2008
All the Things You are from Very Warm for May Jerome Kern
Lyrics: Oscar Hammerstein
Can't Buy Me Love Arr. Keith Abbs 04/27/2008
Michelle Arr. Grayston Ives 04/27/2008
Eleanor Rigby Arr. Paul Hart 04/27/2008
Yesterday Arr. Bob Chilcott 04/27/2008
Come Home Peter Eldridge 04/27/2008
Words The Real Group 04/27/2008
Lay a Garland Robert Pearsall 04/27/2008