Jazz Band: 2005-06

Work Composer Date Performed
Cherokee Ray Noble Arr. Mark Taylor 11/15/2005
Hop Skip and a Jump Ray Brown 11/15/2005
Litany David Leech 11/15/2005
Press One Bill Holman 11/15/2005
Blue Daniel Frank Rosolino Arr. Rob McConnell 11/15/2005
Wyrgly  Maria Schneider 11/15/2005
F.M. Lyle Mays 11/15/2005
Hello and Goodbye Bob Brookmeyer 11/15/2005
Foot Comp./ Arr. John Clayton 0425/2006
Nardis Comp. Miles Davis Arr. Mike Crotty 04/25/2006
High Maintenance Comp./Arr, Gordon Goodwin 04/25/2006
Walkin' Tip Toe Comp./Arr. Bert Joris 04/25/2006
You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To Comp. Cole Porter Arr. Manny Albam 04/25/2006
Passion Flower Comp. Billy Strayhorn Arr. Mike Tomaro 04/25/2006
Trees, Grass, and Thangs Comp. George Adams Arr. James Miller 04/25/2006
I Had A Ball Comp./ Arr. Quincy Jones 04/25/2006