Keyboard Instruments

Whether you intend to major in music or to remain active as a musician while majoring in another discipline, the School of Music offers you close mentoring in the classroom as well as wide latitude to explore diverse and ambitious performance opportunities. Award-winning and Grammy–nominated keyboard faculty will challenge you to take your passion to its fullest potential.

Keyboard students pursuing a major or minor in music study classical piano or organ; instruction or performance opportunities in harpsichord and fortepiano are also available. Students are encouraged to develop skill as both a soloist and accompanist, and they may work with faculty to craft "cross training" programs on multiple keyboard instruments.

Opportunities in jazz include faculty-advised student combos, the Jazz Band, and coursework in jazz history as well as jazz theory and improvisation.

Programs in Keyboard (classical piano, organ)

Puget Sound offers four majors and the music minor for keyboard students:

  • Bachelor of Music in Performance
  • Bachelor of Music in Music Education
  • Bachelor of Music with Elective Studies in Business
  • Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Music
  • Minor in Music with Applied Studies

To major in music, an entrance audition is required. Please note audition requirements.

Auditions for Regular Decision and Transfer students take place in January and February, preceding fall enrollment. Please see additional information for Transfer Students and for Early Decision Students.


Private weekly lessons in classical piano and organ are offered to majors and non-majors. Instruction in harpsichord is available upon request; a fortepiano is also available for instruction and performance. 

  • Students who are not majors, minors, or scholarship recipients may take lessons for academic credit on a space-available basis.
  • Non-credit lessons in jazz and classical piano are offered through Community Music.


Learn about music scholarships, which are awarded regardless of intended major.

Performance Opportunities

Student Noon Recitals occur on selected dates during the noon hour for majors and non-majors. Students majoring in music present formal evening recitals, typically during the junior and senior years. Recitals are scheduled through the School of Music office and are open to all students taking private lessons for credit. Students pursuing a major or a minor in music must meet specific recital requirements.

The Concerto/Aria Competition is held annually during the fall term. Interested students are recommended by faculty; the winners present a work in its entirety with the Symphony Orchestra.

Large Ensembles: Keyboard students may rehearse and perform with an instrumental ensemble for repertoire that requires a keyboard instrument (for example, an orchestral work with piano as a percussion instrument). Similarly, organ, piano, and harpsichord students may be featured with the Adelphian Concert Choir, Dorian Singers, or Chorale at the discretion of the conductors.

Jazz at Puget Sound: Students form faculty-advised jazz combos and perform each semester in formal and informal settings on and off campus. Pianists may participate in open auditions for the rhythm section of the Jazz Orchestra.

Collaborative Piano/Accompaniment: Keyboard students accompany instrumental and vocal students for lessons, jury examinations, and recitals, at the direction of faculty. Keyboard scholarship recipients are assigned accompaniments at the beginning of each semester.

Studio and/or Master Classes are scheduled at the discretion of keyboard faculty during each semester.

Chamber Ensembles are formed each semester, either for credit or as independent student-run ensembles. For-credit ensembles are advised by and meet regularly with School of Music faculty.