Experiential Learning

IPE analyzes international and global problems using the analytical and theoretical tools of social scientists.  Application of these tools in the field – both locally and internationally – is a critical part of the learning process for each IPE major. The following list of opportunities is merely representative. Contact your advisor to discuss your personalized EL program.

maroon color block Prepare as a Professional

  • The Vasilius International Summer Internship grant is administered by the IPE faculty. It provides up to $2,000 to support a student doing an internationally-oriented internship. The most recent recipients are: 
    • Maddie Grossan '15, who interned at Université Paris Descartes in France
    • Heather Kerr '14, who interned with Village Enterprise, an internationally-focused nonprofit in California.
  • IPE majors intern in a broad range of organizations. In Summer 2015 students interned with politicians (Emily Zahnle-Hostetler with a US Senator and Amanda Klein with a New York City Councilman), corporations (Nick Sweet with Merrill Lynch), and with governmental organizations (Russell Ridenour with the World Trade Center Tacoma and the Department of Commerce’s US Export Assistance Center in Seattle, and Anna Dunlap with the Port of Tacoma). Information on internship opportunities can be found at Puget Sound’s Career and Employment Services.
  • IPE Alumni attend the annual Senior Dinner to provide information and mentorship to graduating seniors.  Puget Sound IPE alumni who have attended recently include:
    • Derek Leuzzi ’08 (Associate Attorney for Loeffler Law Group)
    • Sam Riggs, ’08 (PhD student at Penn State)
    • Erin Schneider ’06 (The Max Foundation, a global health organization)
  • IPE invites guest speakers, often in collaboration with other departments. Recent speakers who have discussed their research or the activities of the organizations where they work include:
  • Students interact with other researchers in the field through conference participation. Recent student presenters include:
    • David Balgley at the conference on Integrating Middle East and Arabic Studies across the NW5C (at Reed College)
    • Camille Sachs, Robin Hopkins, and Ian Craighead at the LIASE SE Asia Symposium (Puget Sound)
    • Parker Raup and Kristin Gjelsteen at the Society for Applied Anthropology annual meetings

Contact your faculty member for information on the area you are currently studying and possibilities for conference attendance. 

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  • The majority of IPE students spend a summer or semester studying abroad. Recently students have studied in the United Kingdom, Jordan, Morocco, Uganda, Rwanda, France, Germany, India, and the Pacific Rim nations through a variety of study abroad programs. 
    • DIS Copenhagen: Examine the impact of globalization on European integration, comparative advantage, and international competitiveness by using the theories of international trade, capital markets, and economic development
    • SIT's International Honors Program: Health, Culture, and Community and SIT's Uganda and Rwanda Peace and Conflict Studies 
    • The IES European Union Program allows you to learn about European politics, economics, business, and international relations.
    • Alliance for Global Education: Designed for students interested in international business and economics, the International Business program offers undergraduates the unparalleled opportunity to study Chinese language, international business, and economic development in Asia’s financial center. Students participate in carefully designed activities and experiential study trips that provide a first-hand encounter with China’s rapidly changing business environment.
    • AMIDEAST: A leading American non-profit organization engaged in international education, training and development activities in the Middle East and North Africa. 
    • PACRIM: Once every three years a group of students from the University of Puget Sound ventures out into the Pacific Rim countries for nine months of rigorous academic and personal inquiry.  
    • Contact the International Program office for more information
  • Course-connected international trips: Currently, 4 classes that include a study abroad component are available to IPE majors through the Puget Sound curriculum
    • SOAN 312 – “Indonesia and Southeast Asia in Cultural Context” (Indonesia)
    • ENVR 335 – “Thinking about Biodiversity” (Malaysia)
    • IPE 333 – “Political Economy of Southeast Asia (Thailand)
    • PG/LAS 399 – “Latin American Travel Seminar” (Cuba)

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  • Professor Emelie Peine’s IPE 360 – “Food Systems Northwest: Circuits of Soil, Labor, and Money” is an immersive course studying the impact of locally-grown food on people, the economy, and politics. Moving across multiple sites, this course includes students from other universities and requires hands-on service learning. 
  • Professor Peine also offers a Garden Practices activity course (ENVR 356) where students work independently in the community garden to learn about gardening and food production.
  • IPE 191: Model UN is a fall semester activity course and ASUPS-sponsored club which includes many IPE majors. Students research and debate contemporary issues from the perspective of a selected country.  Check out recent pictures at https://instagram.com/upsmun.
  • Occasional field trips take students to local areas connected to the global economy:  the Port of Tacoma, Savers' Recycling Distribution Center, and Tacoma’s World Trade Center. 
  • The IPE Program Student Assistant interacts extensively with the Puget Sound community during his/her year-long job. The main tasks for this student include contacting speakers, organizing bi-weekly Brownbag seminars, and maintaining IPE social media. Contact the department chair for information on applying for this position.
  • IPE students are strong candidates to be Writing Advisors at the Center for Writing and Learning. 

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Amanda Klein, Study Abroad, Morocco

Standing in front of the gates of the royal palace in Fes, Morocco

Mia Kelliher, Study Abroad, Germany

At the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin