Reading List

Freshman Year

Course Professor Reading
The Scientific and Romantic Revolutions (1 unit)
Profs. George Erving and nese Devenot
  • Brecht, Bertolt. Galileo (Grove Press)

    Voltaire. Candide (Norton, 2nd ed.)

    Voltaire. Letters on England (Penguin)

    Blake, William. The Marriage of Heaven and Hell (Dover)

    Shelley, Mary. Frankenstein (Broadview, 3rd ed.)

    Course Reader compiled by Professors Erving and Lulofs

    Hacker & Sommers. A Writer’s Reference, 7th ed. (University of Puget Sound / Bedford St. Martin’s) 


European Past Lives:
A Seminar in Historical
Inquiry (1 unit)

Profs. Mike Benveniste

  • Augustine. The Confessions, trans. Henry Chadwick (Oxford, 2009)

    Abelard and Heloise, Letters, 2nd edition, trans. Betty Radice and Michael Clanchy (Penguin, 2003)

    Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Confessions (Penguin, 1963)

    Harriet Martineau, Autobiography (J.R. Osgood, 1877) out-of-print
    Gandhi, An Autobiography, trans. Mahadev Desai (Beacon, 1993)


Honors 211
Metamorphosis and Identity (Humanistic Approaches Core) (1 unit)

Profs. Denise Despres

  • Ovid. Metamorphoses,trans. Martin, intro Bernard Knox (W. W. Norton) 2004

    Dante. Inferno, trans. Mark Musa (Penguin)

    Robert Louis Stevenson. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Other Tales of Terror, intro Robert Mighall (Penguin)

    Kafka. Metamorphosis, Modern Library Classics, ed. Stanley Corngold

    Shakespeare. Midsummer Night’s Dream, Oxford World Classics, ed. Peter Holland, 2008

    The Bacchae of Euripides, trans. C.K. Williams, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1990 

For sophomores and juniors, three of the following four classes are required (preferably taken in numerical order). You may substitute another class for the fourth.

Sophomore and Junior Years

Course Professor Reading
Honors 206
The Arts of the Classical World
and the Middle Ages (Fine Arts Core)
(1 unit)
Prof. Kriszta Kotsis
  • Marilyn Stokstad and Michael Cothren. Art History, Vol. 1, 5th ed., (Pearson, 2013)
  • Reading Packet with various articles
  • Recommended only:
  • S. Barnet. A Short Guide to Writing About Art
    Hudson, S. and N. Noonan-Morrissey. The Art of Writing About Art
Honors 212
Origins of the Modern World View (Natural Scientific Approaches Core) (1 unit)
Prof. Andrew Rex
  • Voltaire. Philosophical Letters, trans. Dilworth

    David C. Cassidy. Einstein and Our World

    Newton. Opticks

    Thomas Hankins. Science and the Enlightenment

    B.J. Dobbs and M.C. Jacob. Newton and the Culture of Newtonianism

    Thomas S. Kuhn. The Copernican Revolution

    David Park. The Fire Within the Eye

    Christian Huygens. A Treatise on Light (selections)

    René Descartes. Dioptrics

    Thomas Young. Experiments and Calculations Relative to Physical Optics

Honors 213

The Mathematics of Symmetry (Mathematical Approaches Core) (1 unit)

Prof. James Bernhard
  • Marvin Jay Greenberg. Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometries

    Robert Simson. The Elements of Euclid

    John Keill. Euclid’s Elements of Geometry

    John Bolyai. The Science Absolute of Space

    N. Lobachevskii. Geometrical Researches of the Theory of Parallels

    David Hilbert. Foundations of Geometry

    Imre Lakatos. Proofs and Refutations, The Logic of Mathematical Discovery

    Henri Poincaré, Science and Hypothesis

    Ernst Snapper. The Three Crises in Mathematics: Logicism, Intuitionism, and Formalism

    Mathematics Magazine, Vol. 52, No. 4 (Sept. 1979) pp. 207 – 216 (available on JStor)

Honors 214
Interrogating Inequality (Social Scientific Approaches Core) (1 unit)

Profs. Suzanne Holland
  • Foucault, Michel. Discipline & Punish: The Birth of the Prison.
    [Vintage, 1978, 1995; ISBN-10: 0679752552; ISBN-13: 978-0679752554]
    Greenbaum, Susan. Blaming the Poor: The Long Shadow of the Moynihan Report on Cruel
    Images About Poverty.
    [Rutgers, 2015; ISBN: 978-0-8135-7413-4]
    Rousseau, Jean-Jacques. Discourse on the Origin of Inequality.
    [Hackett, 1992; ISBN: 0-87220-150-3]
    Tucker, Robert. Ed. The Marx-Engels Reader.
    [Norton, 1978; ISBN: 978-0-393-09040-6]
    Weber, Max. The Protestant Ethic & The Spirit of Capitalism.
    [Taylor & Francis, 1985; ISBN: 978-0-415-25406-90]

Senior Year

Course Professor Reading

Honors 401
What is America? (Connections)

(1 unit)

Prof. Tiffany MacBain
  • Benjamin Franklin, The Autobiography
    Cormac McCarthy, Blood Meridian
    Simon Ortíz, from Sand Creek
    Claudia Rankine, Citizen
  • Frederick Winslow Taylor, The Principles of Scientific Efficiency
    Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass
    Thorstein Veblen, Theory of the Leisure Class
    Elissa Washuta, My Body is a Book of Rules
    James Baldwin, The Fire Next Time
    The Searchers (John Ford)
    The Queen of Versailles (Lorraine Barrett)
    Herman Melville, “Paradise of Bachelors and Tartarus of Maids”

Honors Thesis

Course Credit Thesis Guidelines
Honors Thesis Credit is optional (1 or 2 units)

Successful completion of the Honors curriculum (a minimum of 7 units), the normal requirements for graduation, and the research, writing, and presentation of a senior thesis make the student eligible for graduation as a Coolidge Otis Chapman Honors Scholar.