Past Senior Thesis Presentations







  • Dum conderet urbem: Poetic Portraits of Aeneas as Political Commentaries on Augustus, Alicia Matz
  • Insights into the evolution of the Great Plains grassland ecosystem over the last 5 million years from paleotemperature and paleovegetation records, Anne Fetrow
  • Playing with Death: The Potential for Violent Video Games to Induce Mortality Salience, Beth Anderson
  • Politics of Sport in the English Renaissance Letters of Transgression in William Shakespeare’s As You Like It, William Rathje
  • Growing up on the spectrum: How High-functioning Young Adults with Autism Transition to Independence, Brittany Walker

  • Dramaturgy and Collaboration: A Case Study, Loring Brock
  • The Lost Conjunction of Race: Missed Opportunities to Discuss Mixed-Race Identity in Popular Social and Feminist Histories of the 20th Century, CaroLea, Casas
  • The Cost of Having a Sexually Selected Trait: Testing hypotheses with male fiddler crabs (Uca pugilator) bearing large major claws, Corinne Straube
  • The Reproductive and Neurophysiological Effects of Chronic Plastic Ingestion in Northern Fulmars (Fulmaris glacialis) and Sooty Shearwaters (Puffinus griseus), Emilie Kurth
  • beirut, with love; a play by, Andrew Lutfala
  • Theoretical and Experimental Aspects of the Muon g− 2 Experiment at Fermilab, Audrey Kvam
  • The Veil of Neutrality: Religious Rights in European Union Countries, Emma Spalding
  • Indigent Defense As Illusion: The Myth of ‘Fair Trial’ in a Neoliberal State, Emma Wilson
  • RNAi-mediated Gene Knockout of the Tomato Phytochromes PHYE and PHYF, Grete Slaugh
  • Thiourea-Based Organocatalysts: Synthesis and Application to the Transformation of Carboxylic Acids to Amides, Jack Elders
  • Identity and Place in the Music of Benny Moré (1919-1963), Kelton Mock
  • France’s Nuclear Identity: An exploration of grandeur, sustainability and political power relationships, Laura Leach

  • “There is No Difference:” Neoliberalism and Latin American (Police) State Legitimacy, Max Estevao
  • Portraits of Queen Elizabeth I of England: Representations of Gender, Influence, and Power, Nichole Lindquist-Kleissler

  • Plato Reconsidered: The Cognitive Science of Mathematics, Peter Moberly

  • The Obesity Epidemic in Latino Youth: A Local Perspective to a National Phenomenon, Sierra Grunwald

  • Investigating the Effects of Bisphenol A on Sustained Movement in the Pond Snail Helisoma trivolvis,  Skyler R. Tetreau


  • Losing Lop Nor: Chinese Water and Land-use Policy in the Tarim Basin, Philip Brenfleck
  • A Killer and a Gentleman: How the Indian Built the American in the Nineteenth Century, Raven Briggs
  • Cicero's Changing Definition of Friendship, Madison Brown-Moffitt
  • Cold War Rhetoric and the Black Panther Party, Jana Cary-Alvarez
  • Propaganda and the Reign of Augustus, Katrina Eller
  • Bad Blood: Controversies Over Race and Sexuality in Blood Transfusion, Meg Gilbertson
  • Warrior Women in Japanese History, Ev Grier
  • The IPE of Cyber Security, Kennedy Holt
  • Remembrance: A Study on Two Houses of Memory, Shannon Kilgore
  • Peace in the Middle East, U.S. Aid, the BDS Movement, and the Two State Solution, Casey Kroleczk
  • The Feasibility of Large-Scale Urban DRT in Tacoma, Nathan Pastor
  • How Combat Doctors Change Medicine, Veronica Sagert


  • Machiavelli to Mussolini, Evan Arkin
  • Read the Eddas of Iceland: The Intertextual Reception of Old Norse-Icelandic Literature in teh World of William Blake, Shelby Cauley
  • Optimal Foraging in the Intertidal: The Relationship Between the Glaucous-Winged Gull and Its Prey, Grace Ferrera
  • Choices in an Interdependent Economic Environment: Inequity Aversion and Bargaining Games, Andrew Galbraith
  • The New Master: Power and Wealth in Edward P. Jones' the Known World and Short Stories, Chloe Hunt
  • Cross-cultural Perception of Pain, Annika LaVoie
  • Beyond Hippies and Rabbit Food: The Social Effects of Vegetarianian and Veganism, Anna Lindquist
  • Receiving the King: Pageantry and Politics in the First Royal Progress of Henry VII, Erin Lindsey
  • Determining Activity of Wnt Pathway Genes During Zebrafish Oocyte Maturation, Nathan Pincus
  • The Sunk Costs of Development: Bargaining in the Chad-Cameroon Pipeline Project, Sohan Punatar
  • Moving Toward Zero: Reducing the U.S. Nuclear Stockpile and Implications on Global Stockpiles, Lauren Raemhild
  • Peruvian Cocaine: A Cycle of Economic Instability, Gillian Schroff
  • Deathwatch: A Gothic Fantasy Novel, Ariana Scott-Zechlin
  • Methods of Resistance in NeoPagan Culture, Rebecca Short
  • What the Eyes Reveal: A Study of Emotion Recognition and Callous Personality Traits, Hilary Tighe
  • Where's My Ferry? Support Vector Machines for Modeling Ferry Tardiness, Kyle Wenholz


  • Anticipatory Testosterone response to Competition in Female Collegiate Endurance Athletes, Rebecca Adams
  • Recruitment, Regulation, & Restructuring: Cellular & molecular processes that underlie memory formation, Westley Dang
  • Some Comfort to the Order of Things: A Journey through the Terrain of Silence, Grief, and Nature, Laura Derr
  • Starve the Beast: An Empirical Evaluation of State Tax Revenues and Expenditures, Alec DiMario
  • ROK and Rac mediation of PRL-1 over-expression in the wings of Drosophila melanogaster, Rosemary Dinkins
  • Nation-State Building and Ethnic Minority Oppression: Turkey, Bulgaria, and Sri Lanka, William Engell
  • Death Hilarious: Dark Comedy in Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian, Megan Fries 
  • The Impending Electrification of the American Transportation Industry - a.k.a., - The Electric Car, George Funk
  • Angry Youth: Patriotic Education and the New Chinese Nationalism, Rachael Gary
  • Nuclear Fallout: Responses to Proliferation from North Korean Sanctions to the India Nuclear Deal, William Gent
  • Silencing Sacagawea: Eva Emery Dye & the Origin of an American Myth (1902-1905), Tedra Hamel
  • [Breaking] the back of words: Dimensions of Gothic Unspeakability in Poe, Faulkner, and Toni Morrison's Beloved, Elizabeth Kirsch
  • Color polymorphism in the sea star Pisaster ochraceus, Mary Krauszer
  • Reclaiming Aztlan: Pre-Columbian Imagery and the Aesthetics of Fragmentation in Chicano Murals, Kelsey Mahler
  • DestroyingThe Path to Knowledge and the False University: Democratic Participation and Identity Assertion in Chicano Education and Mural Movements, Jennifer Miller
  • Hyperthyroidism Changes Pancreatic Acinar Cell Identity, Charles Nguyen
  • Judicial Cosmopolitanism and the War on Terror: How the Supreme Court is Undermining Presidential Power and American Sovereignty, Amanda Nicol
  • Understanding Flowering Pathways: Flowering Locus C expression in synthetic Arabidopsis allopolyploids, Gerad Thornton
  • The Successes and Failures of Political, Social, and Economic Strategies to Combat Human Trafficking, Tristan Zielinski
  • (de)Constructing the Real American, or What Vitamins, a Prayer, and 24-Inch Pylons Can Teach Us About American Identity in the 1980s, Michael Leveton