About the Honors Program

The Honors Program is an alternative pathway through the college’s required core curriculum. It is not itself a major, but is to be taken in conjunction with any major—and Honors students represent the full gamut of majors and extra-curricular interests at Puget Sound. 

The program uniquely honors the intellectual tradition of the liberal arts as a powerful means of understanding and engaging today’s real-world problems. It features:

  • Special emphasis on foundational texts in each of the college’s main disciplinary areas (Humanities, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, the Arts).
  • A cohort experience for an entering class of up to thirty-four Honors students who embark on a close-knit intellectual journey that builds from one semester to the next.
  • Community living to foster lasting personal and intellectual relationships (first-year Honors students live in a residence hall, along with many other students who are not in the program, and have additional communal living options beginning the second year).
  • Rich offerings outside the classroom, including trips to cultural events in Seattle and Tacoma, a student-run film series, guest lectures, and numerous other student-sponsored activities.
  • Distinguished graduation as a Coolidge Otis Chapman Honors Scholar upon successful completion of the Honors curriculum, the senior thesis, and the senior thesis presentation.