Gender & Queer Studies

About the Program

As the home to one of the nation's first Women's Studies programs, the University of Puget Sound has a long tradition of exploring issues pertaining to sexuality, identity, and gender. The current Gender and Queer Studies program has the following learning objectives:

  • To think analytically about systems of power, dominance and inequalities and their interrelationships.
  • To examine the ways in which gender and multiple other converging axes of identity frame all aspects of life.
  • To explore the relationships between gender and identity, race, ethnicity, and sexuality, inter alia.
  • To give students conversancy with a wide range of intellectual traditions, including feminist, queer, race, and post-colonial theories.
  • To work in and across disciplines, from the social sciences to the sciences to the humanities.
  • To explore questions of diversity, difference and power, particularly with regard to gender.
  • To hone analytical and critical thinking, writing and speaking skills.
  • To demonstrate the ability to articulate complex ideas concerning gender to a range of audiences.
  • To open up broader interrelated questions about the nature of gender constructions and the effects of gender on all persons.