New EPDM Major Fall 2016

Students who study in the Environmental Policy and Decision Making Program develop an understanding of the multiplicity of values, norms, interests, incentives, and scientific information that influence decisions on environmental issues; learn to critically examine the social, political, and economic contexts for decisions on environmental issues; and engage in interdisciplinary dialogue and apply systems thinking to address current and projected environmental problems.

Beginning in academic year 2016–17, Puget Sound will offer an environmental policy and decision making linked major. A linked major is a second major students add to their primary major in another discipline, effectively double majoring in environmental policy and decision making and another field of their choice. The primary major can be in any discipline offered as a major at Puget Sound.

The EPDM major will consist of eight units: four required units and four electives.

Required courses:

  • ENVR 101 (1 unit) Introduction to the Environment, offered each fall
  • ENVR 201 (1 unit) Environmental Policy Tools and Topics, offered fall 2016
  • ENVR 202 (.5 unit) Environmental Science Tools, offered spring 2016. Students majoring in a science need not take this course.
  • ENVR 203 (.5 unit) Environmental Science Topics, offered spring 2016
  • ENVR 400 (1 unit) Senior Seminar, offered each fall

The units of electives may be drawn from the current list of general and policy electives in the program. One of these units must be from the policy list. Partial unit courses, including the growing list of .25 unit courses, can be assembled to count for a full unit elective. 

You can view a full list of policy and general electives, as well as requirements for the EPDM minor—on our degree requirements page.