Student Theses & Papers

The following student theses are selections from the Senior Research Seminar. More will be added as they become available.


Daniel Kirsch, An Uncertain Olympic Future:  A Decision Making Model for the International Olympic Committee in the Midst of Declining Demand

Vivien Jones, Incentivizing Live Kidney Donations:  Economic Models for Policy Enhancements

2014 - 2015

Cassidy Brage, Internet Gambling:  Risky Business

Luke Brossman, The Federal Helium Program:  Problems with Government Policy and the Future of a Non-Renewable Resource

Darren N. Chu, Bitcoin:  A Theoretical Analysis of Money Choice

Brian Gerrity, Consumer Choice and Environmental Taxation

Ashlynn Holbert, Financing the American Road-Trip:  Value Capture of the Highway System

Ricky Howard, Influences of Ethnic Group Identification on Earnings Capacity

Heather Kerr, Mobile Devices and Their Role in Agricultural Markets in sub-Saharan Africa:  A Microeconomic Analysis of Mobile Phone Incorporation into the Farm Household Behavior Model

Rufus Lama, E-Commerce:  An Historical Examination on the Disruptive Nature of Technology and Future Implications for E-Commerce Firms

Zachary Ludwig, The Business of the Party:  Developmental Transitions in Taiwan and Malaysia

Melissa Marlin, Security Spending in Schools as an Independent Variable in an Education Production Function

Theodore Matthews, A Theoretical Approach:  Examining the Educated Unemployment Rate and International Skilled Migration of Developing Countries

Spenser McDonald, California's Water Crisis:  The Black Hole of Water

Kenji Sekino, When Contempt Causes Animosity:  How Criminals Perceive Criminal Deterrence

Margaret Simonson-Kowitz, Renewable Energy:  Is the Move Towards Clean Energy Beneficial to Employment?

Taylor Smith, Where has the American Dream Gone?


2013 - 2014


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