Degree Requirements

To obtain a degree from the University of Puget Sound, the Dual Degree Engineering student must complete at least 16 units in residence and have credit for 24 units prior to transferring to an engineering school. These units must cover Puget Sound core requirements and the courses needed to fulfill the requirements of the student’s major. In order to meet the 32 units required for graduation, up to eight units of engineering credit are accepted as elective coursework towards the student’s degree at Puget Sound. Credits for core requirements may not be transferred back from the engineering school.

In addition, to qualify for entry into an engineering school, the student must complete specific coursework that the engineering school requires. Most science majors fulfill much of this coursework in completing a major at Puget Sound, and can do so within three years. Non-science majors can also participate in the program, but to complete the necessary coursework four years are needed. Whether they fall within the major or not, the student must complete the following:

Chemistry*: 2 - 2.5 units

  • 110 General Chemistry I, or 115 Integrated Chemical Principles and Analytical Chemistry I
  • 120 General Chemistry II, or 230 Integrated Chemical Principles and Analytical Chemistry II

Computer Science: 1 unit

  • 161 Introduction to Computer Science, or equivalent

Mathematics*: 5 units

  • 180/181 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I, II
  • 280 Multivariate Calculus
  • 290 Linear Algebra
  • 301 Differential Equations

Physics: 2 units

  • 121/122 General University Physics I, II

Recommended for Biomechanical Engineering

  • CHEM 250 Organic Chemistry

Recommended for Electrical Engineering

  • PHYS 221/222 Modern Physics I, II
  • PHYS 231 Circuits and Electronics
  • Introduction to Electrical Engineering (not offered at Puget Sound)

Recommended for Chemical Engineering

  • CHEM 250/251 Organic Chemistry I, II

Recommended for Mechanical Engineering

  • PHYS 305 Analytical Mechanics
  • Statics (not offered at Puget Sound)


Some of the affiliate schools have particular course requirements that must be met. These can usually be satisfied by careful selection of core and major coursework. Information about affiliates is available on the Dual Degree Engineering Program website.

Students should work closely with Dual Degree Engineering Director to ensure that all requirements are met.

*Students with sufficient background and preparation in high school chemistry and calculus may test out of Chemistry 110 and/or Mathematics 180/181.