Alumni Stories from Dual Degree Engineering Students

"I felt very well prepared from UPS entering into my engineering studies. My first 3 years at UPS I was able to take a variety of courses as part of achieving the BA requirements that made me more well rounded and helped me figure out academically where my interests and passions were. It was helpful as well during the first 3 years having a diversity of classes to get acclimated as a college student and further refine my studying habits. I found that this was critical as my 2 years in engineering was a heavy workload of only engineering classes which, to do well in, required a level of maturity and discipline that I had developed in my first 3 years at UPS." 

"Based upon the majors I selected and the DDE program, I was well positioned to pursue my interest upon graduating in IT consulting. There was great recruiting at Washington University from a broad range of IT consulting companies and my participation in the DDE program made me a standout candidate in the job application process."

"I also noticed in school that the DDE group tended to be much more prepared and mature then the other students, even though we only had one more year of experience.  This maturity seemed to carry through and the people I knew in DDE came out of school with much better prospects than the traditional students in our year."

"UPS DDE education prepared me exceptionally well. If I'm not mistaken, DDE students tend to do better than average at their engineering schools. I suspect this is largely due to simply being older and wiser. But the UPS education definitely helped."

"UPS did a fine job of preparing me for the engineering part of my education. I am truly grateful for my time at UPS."