Scholarship Winners

Hannah Houser

I am a Senior Communication Studies Major from Tucson, Arizona. I became immediately interested in Communication Studies after taking the intro to media studies course, and have continued to focus on media and cultural studies in my college career. This summer I was lucky enough to receive funding through an AHSS grant to carry out research on postfeminism in contemporary cinema. 

Outside of classes I work at the on campus radio station, KUPS 90.1 FM The Sound as the head of our Street Team. I am also involved with the annual Alder Arts Walk. My work with cultural studies and media literacy has combined well with my interest in local, DIY music and artistic communities. 

Thank you to the donors and the Communication department for your continued support!

Miranda Eisen

I am a Communication Studies major with a Bioethics emphasis from Portland, Oregon. In high school, I had absolutely no idea what studies I wanted to pursue in college. But after my first Communications course in the fall of my freshman year, I had no qualms about what I would major in. The Communication courses offered at Puget Sound are so diverse and stimulating; I feel as though I can explore countless subjects in just one field of study. My Bioethics emphasis will complement my Communications degree after graduation when I will seek nonprofit work through Avodah (the Jewish Services Corp) and apply to law school specifically for animal law.  

I have been on the Puget Sound women’s rugby team since I became a logger and now looking back as team captain it has contributed so much to my time here. Resiliency, teamwork and a love for life embody the spirit of the game and I adore my teammates endlessly. I have also participated in and choreographed for RDG (Repertory Dance Group) since my freshman year and am grateful that the club receives the outstanding staff and student support it deserves. More recently I am interning with a local Tacoma law firm, was published in Sound Decisions and Vegan Life Magazine, and am a editorial volunteer for the Animals & Society Institute. 
A big thank you for this generous scholarship! I truly appreciate all of the Communications faculty and staff that have shaped my Puget Sound experience. 

Vicky Pisula

I am a junior here at UPS and I am from the Chicagoland Area. I am a Communications major and I aspire to complete a Humanities minor while still being able to graduate a semester early. When I first came here, I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to major in. Then, at the end of freshman year, after taking a seminar taught by a Communications professor, I realized that I had found what I truly wanted to do. I have been thankful for that decision every day since. This department has become my academic home. It is in these classes and with these professors that I find myself both challenged and supported in a way I could never have imagined as an incoming freshman. 

When I’m not at class, I’m most likely at work. Through work study, I am the office assistant for the Gender and Queer Studies program. This is also my third semester as a Communications course assistant, which has been such a rewarding opportunity to interact at a new level with my professors and my peers. Finally, I spend my breaks and my weekends working retail at Ross. With the free time that I have, I like explaining to people all of the things I can do with a degree in Communications and cherishing my close family and friends. 

I am so grateful for the donors of this scholarship and for the Communications department for the recognition-- it truly means a lot to me.

Danielle Chait

Hello! I am a current Junior at UPS. I am an American with Swiss and Mexican roots studying German and Communications as a double major with a Spanish minor. Coming to Puget Sound as a freshman, I thought I wanted to study language and International Studies. That was until I took “Interpersonal Communications” with Professor Lindsey Thomas. I became incredibly interested in the study and theories of how humans interact and communicate with each other. That class helped me decided to change majors and I am very happy I did. The professors in this department are passionate about their fields, teaching, and helping their students get the best education and opportunities they can. 

Besides my academic studies, I have joined different activities on campus. To name a few, I am the vice president of Communications of Pi Beta Phi women’s fraternity, the Publicity chair of UPS’s Repertory Dance Group, and an installed member of Pi Eta Sigma honors society. Next year I will study abroad at the University of Freiburg, in southern Germany. After I graduate from Puget Sound, I plan to study design in marketing and advertisement while living in Switzerland.

I want to thank the Communications Studies department and the donors for this extraordinary award and honor.

Emma Brice

I am a Communications major and Spanish minor from Bellingham, WA. I'm so happy with my choice to study Communications at Puget Sound because of the diverse range of disciplines that are covered, and the close relationships that are formed with the professors. My favorite comm class so far has been  Communication through Technology with Nick Brody. I'm looking forward to studying abroad next Spring with the Communication program in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

In addition to my academics, I serve on the executive board for Alpha Phi, work at Lister Elementary School as an after school activities coordinator, play on the club soccer team, participate in the repertory dance group, and write stories as a hobby. I wrote for The Trail ​for two years, with the hope of one day becoming a journalist. I look forward to continuing my endeavors in Communications Studies, and am grateful for the opportunity to further my education at this amazing institution with the help of this scholarship.

Hannah Katz

I am a Communication Studies major with minors in African American Studies and Spanish. Coming from the Bay Area in California, I have loved exploring the Puget Sound area and finding another home here, especially in the Communication Studies Department. One of my favorite classes I have taken was Film Criticism with Professor Susan Owen because of the emphasis on analyzing film from a variety of lenses. After taking this class, I consider myself a more critical and attuned Communications scholar. I plan to continue my Communication Studies exploration in the future in graduate school and hopefully engage in some element of service in my future career.

Besides my academic pursuits, I enjoy participating in a variety of activities on campus. I sing in the Dorian Singers choir and the What She Said a cappella group. I also work as a Campus Visit Host with Admissions and love being an ambassador for visiting students and families. I have been an Orientation leader as part of the Perspectives program for the past two years and I am thrilled to be an Orientation leader again this upcoming Fall. I am a member of Greek Life on campus and have enjoyed serving in various leadership positions. I have also been inducted into Lambda Pi Eta, Phi Beta Kappa, and Order of Omega. 

I am thankful to the Communication Studies Department and the donor for this generous award and honor! ​

Kristina Sinks

I am from Cupertino, California, and am pursuing degrees in Religious Studies and Communication Studies. I have very much enjoyed my first two years here at Puget Sound and look forward to the rest of my undergraduate career. I was recently selected to join the Phi Kappa Phi national honor society, and have been a member of the Dean’s List since completing my first semester here.

Besides learning in purely academic settings, I have appreciated the co-curricular activities which I have gotten to be a part of as well. I consider music a vital medium of communication in our world, and I enjoy singing with the Adelphian Concert Choir. I am also part of the Center for Intercultural and Civic Engagement, where I work as an Interfaith Coordinator for the campus community. In addition to interfaith work, I am the President of the University Methodists Club, one of the most progressive and inclusive Christian organizations on campus.

Continuing in my Communication Studies and Religious Studies courses, I hope to further my understanding of human interaction and meaning-making as they take place in social, political, and institutional structures. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to study at a school where the professors are unbelievably knowledgeable and passionate about their fields of study, and for this generous award. Many thanks to the Communications Studies faculty and staff, as well as the donor that made this scholarship possible.

Raquel Tawfik

I am currently a junior at the University of Puget Sound majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in Spanish. I came to UPS from San Jose, California and fell in love with the close-knit community and incredible support from faculty and the students I have been surrounded by. I came to college undeclared, but through the opportunities I have had and the ability to take a variety of classes, I have found a strong sense of place within the Communication Studies department. I am particularly interested in the interpersonal and theoretical research within Communication Studies and want to continue to learn more within that field. That being said, I love how versatile the major is and the fact that I can pair it easily with my Spanish minor.  

Outside of academics, I like to stay active by running and strength training and working to obtain my personal training certification. Being in Washington, I love discovering new trails to run or hike when I can. I also love to sketch, and am a member of our campus Figure Drawing Club. With my Spanish minor, I hope to study abroad during this coming summer or interning abroad where I can utilize both my major and minor together. I am so grateful for the opportunities I have been given at this university and I want to say thank you so much for the generous scholarship award and recognition!