Scholarship Winners

Emily Rostek

I am a Communications Studies major and an English minor from Mill Valley, CA. I am so happy to have found a place on this campus and I am proud to be a part of a department with such passionate professors and students. Within Communications Studies, I have focused on rhetoric and media. My favorite class so far has been Communication Criticism with Professor Jim Jasinski as well as the Advanced Media course with Professor Susan Owen. Additionally, I’m part of Lambda Pi Eta Honors Society, the national communications honor society that our campus is a part of.

Outside of my studies, I am Editor-in-Chief of Crosscurrents Literary & Arts Magazine, the premier literary mag on campus. I have been a part of Crosscurrents since freshman year and am honored to be in charge of it this year. I also work as a barista at Oppenheimer Cafe, one of my favorite places on campus. Next year, I hope to work in editing or marketing and I know that the skills I learned in communications classes will help me along the way! Many thanks to the Communications Department for this scholarship.

Tony Calabrese-Thomas

I grew up in Oakland, CA where I received a rigorous high school education that prepared me for the challenging academic journey of a university such as Puget Sound. Before and throughout high school, I found a passion for singing (in choirs, in the car, you name it). However, I struggled to find the academic disciplines that excited the same passion inside me. After taking my first communication courses at Puget Sound, I found the perfect atmosphere for academic and personal growth. Next year I will graduate with a major in Communication Studies with two minors in Business and Studio Art.

I have flourished as an independent thinker and have found a hunger for life and learning at this university. I am proud to contribute to the Communication Studies department as a Course Assistant, and I am also proud to hold the work-study position of Networking Assistant for Technology Services. Additionally, I am honored to sing with the school’s only treble a cappella group, What She Said, where I act as Social Chair. In my final year at this school, I am excited to work as Art Director for The Trail, and can’t wait to get incoming students as enthusiastic about Puget Sound as I am as an orientation leader for Perspectives. I know that I will continue to appreciate the wonderful resources that this university has to offer well beyond my graduation date, not to mention the lifelong friendships that I have found here as well! 

It is a great honor to receive this recognition, and I would like to give a tremendous thank you to the donor of this scholarship, and the Communication Studies department, for supporting my academic journey at this university.

Alana Speich

I’m a Communication Studies and Spanish Language and Literature double major entering into my senior year. Coming from Boulder, Colorado it’s been great to find a second home here at Puget Sound in so many different communities on campus. A big part of my life here at school, other than my studies, is Ultimate Frisbee. I’ve played on the team since my freshman year and we just went to D3 Nationals for the first time and tied for seventh. I also am a Puget Sound Outdoors leader, getting to plan and lead trips throughout the Northwest. This year it has also been great to become involved in the 2017 cohort for the Leadership Development and Engagement Initiative and meet more people throughout the community. Additionally I’m part of Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society, and am now the Senior Advisor, and Lambda Pi Eta Honor Society. I’m also a Course Assistant for the Communications Department. This past fall I studied in Granada, Spain for the semester and I fell in love with the city and the people. I love spending my time adventuring and crafting. I’m looking forward to the next year in the Puget Sound community and being able to make the best of my experiences, and I can’t wait to keep working in the Communications department and figuring out my passions. I’m so grateful for the opportunities that this generous scholarship provides!

Greg Shipman

Greg Shipman hails from Bend, Oregon and is pursuing a degree in Communication Studies, with minors in African American Studies and Politics and Government. Greg, entering his senior year at Puget Sound, has enjoyed a seamless integration into the Puget Sound community. He was elected into Residence Life as the President of Todd/Phibbs Hall his first year on campus. Greg sings in the Adelphian Concert Choir and Voci ‘d Amci, while serving as the Tour Manager. In addition, he is a Puget Sound Outdoors leader and a Coordinator for the Passages Orientation Program. A member of the Greek community, Greg has served as the Treasurer of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. He also sits on Honor Court and is involved with Student Conduct. Greg has been inducted into Order of Omega and Lambda Pi Eta. Greg is excited to serve as a Communications Studies Course Assistant for another year.

Greg adheres to his philosophy of education, learning both inside and outside the classroom. He appreciates the university’s acknowledgement and support. During his studies, he has grown tremendously and has been stretched to new heights. Within the field of Communication Studies, Greg is focused on interpersonal and organizational communication. Although not his primary discipline, he has been challenged and gained greatly from his studies of rhetoric and film.

The next year will bring growth, learning, leadership opportunities, and change. Greg is looking forward to discovering where his path leads. He is currently considering graduate studies in Communication or Higher Education Student Affairs and Administration.

Greg is sincerely grateful for this generous award and appreciative of both his donor and the entire Communication Studies Faculty and Staff.

Catherine Huber

I am a Communication Studies Major and Gender & Queer Studies Minor from Saint Louis, Missouri. I immediately knew where my passion would lie after my first Communication Studies course focusing in media studies at the university. I am a part of the Lambda Pi Eta Honor Society. And I am hoping to get more involved with the department during my final year at the school to learn more and give back what I have gotten from the Communication Studies department during my time here.

I hope to use my passion for media studies and critical cultural studies to inspire enthusiasm and understanding in others. Using my own experiences in and outside of this school, as well as the knowledge I have acquired during my time here, I have come to realize the importance of mass media and cultural literacy. I hope to use this realization to increase awareness among younger generations.

And this scholarship certainly helps make that goal more possible. Thank you to the donors and the entire Communications department for this generous award and continued support!

Madeleine Elliott

I am from Olympia, Washington and I am studying Communications and Economics here at UPS. I spend my time at school writing essays, my summers writing articles for a local online paper, and any free time writing stories that I hope to publish one day. I look forward to my remaining Communications and Economics classes, which will continue to build my critical thinking and writing skills. I also look forward to continued ventures with the UPS Film and Media Production Club, of which I am the secretary. As a member of the film club, I have learned about various aspects of filmmaking, especially screenwriting and cinematography. I am also a member of Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society. After college, I hope to pursue a Master’s Degree and find a job that allows me to facilitate communication and understanding. And, of course, to keep writing.‚Äč

I would like to thank the Communication Studies department and the donor for this generous award.

Hannah Katz

I am a Communication Studies major with minors in African American Studies and Spanish. Coming from the Bay Area in California, I have loved exploring the Puget Sound area and finding another home here, especially in the Communication Studies Department. One of my favorite classes I have taken was Communication Criticism with Professor Susan Owen because of the emphasis on analyzing different media such as film and political cartoons. After taking this class, I consider myself a more critical and attuned Communications scholar. I plan to continue my Communication Studies exploration with a media emphasis and hopefully engage in some element of service in my future career.

Besides my academic pursuits, I enjoy participating in a variety of activities on campus. I am in the Dorian Singers choir and What She Said, UPS's only treble a cappella group. I just finished participating as an ensemble member in our main stage production of Rent, the musical. I also work as a Campus Visit Host with Admissions and love being an ambassador for visiting students and families. Last August, I was an Orientation leader as part of the Perspectives program and I am thrilled to be an Orientation leader again this upcoming Fall. I am a member of Greek Life on campus and serve as Pi Beta Phi's Vice President of Fraternity Development, organizing my sorority's ceremonies and rituals. I enjoy being a member of Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, and Order of Omega, the Greek Honor Society. 

I am thankful to the Communication Studies Department and the donor for this generous award and honor! 

Henry Reed

I am a Communication Studies major and a Theatre Arts and English double minor from Los Angeles, California. I realized pretty quickly that the Communication Studies Department was where I was going to be happy at school. Communication Studies combines everything that I enjoy about academia: close reading of text and rhetoric, analysis of art and film, and introspection and observation about interpersonal relationships. 

A very large part of my life on campus is working in the theatre and I have worked intensely within the Theatre Arts Department since arriving at UPS. I am a stage manager and have stage managed the faculty directed main stage show in the spring for the last two years. Additionally, I am a Course Assistant for the Communication Studies Department as well as a barista at Oppenheimer Cafe’ on campus. 

In my free time I really enjoy working out, spending time in the sun, experimenting with brewing iced tea, and finding online sales at JCrew. After I graduate in December I hope to move somewhere with a lot of sun and work in public relations or in production for television. 

I am so grateful to the Communication Studies Department and the donors of the scholarship for this recognition. Thank you so much!

Jen Madera

I am a Communication Studies major and English minor from Mercer Island, Washington. At first I was unsure what to major in, as most first year students are. Then I took an introductory level Communication Studies class, and that was that. I fell in love with the class, the discipline in general, and all the amazing professors in the department. Through the Communication Studies department at UPS, I have been able to take a wide variety of courses, from film criticism to rhetorical theory, each challenging and rewarding in its own way.

UPS has also allowed me to pursue my love of literature and creative writing through my English minor, as well as become a member of the Adelphian Concert Choir and take private voice lessons through the School of Music. I have also made the Dean’s List for the last three semesters. UPS has offered me the opportunity to learn and explore many different areas of study and to excel in my academic career.

After graduating from UPS, I hope to either further my academic career or find a career opportunity that allows me to combine my love for writing with the skills I have learned through Communication Studies. I would like to thank both the donor of this scholarship and the entire Communication Studies department for supporting my education. I am incredibly grateful to be awarded this scholarship.

Miranda Eisen 

I am a Communication Studies major with a Bioethics emphasis from Portland, Oregon. In high school, I had absolutely no idea what studies I wanted to pursue in college. But after my first Communications course in the fall of my freshman year, I had no qualms about what I would major in. The Communication courses offered at Puget Sound are so diverse and stimulating; I feel as though I can explore countless subjects in just one field of study. My Bioethics emphasis will complement my Communications degree when post-graduation I will hopefully be involved in health care reform, animal rights advocacy, and generally fighting the good fight wherever I am.

I have been on the Puget Sound women’s rugby team since I became a logger and it has contributed so much to my time here. Resiliency, teamwork and a love for life embody the spirit of the game and I adore my teammates endlessly. I have also participated in and choreographed for RDG (Repertory Dance Group) since my freshman year and am grateful that the club receives the outstanding staff and student support it deserves. More recently I have become fascinated with Hiveminders, the school’s beekeeping club on campus. I love Puget Sound for its broad range of activities and opportunities and I plan on exploring more that the school has to offer in the upcoming years.  

A big thank you for this generous scholarship! I truly appreciate all of the Communications faculty and staff that have shaped my Puget Sound experience.