Registration & Entry Information

Please note that coaches and administrators are responsible for knowing the rules of entry for this tournament.


You must register online at  Only in the most extraordinary of circumstances we will accept other forms of registration.

  • Due Date: You must register your team by 4 p.m. Pacific Time Tuesday, January 6, 2009.
  • If necessary you may e-mail changes to your registration to  This address if for questions and changes only, not for registration purposes.  Please e-mail changes as soon as you know them.
  • Confirmation of registration will be Thursday, January 8 from 6 to 7 p.m. and Friday, January 9 from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. at the ballot table outside Diversions Café in Wheelock Student Center.  Please try and register on Thursday, as this will minimize delays to start the tournament.  Fees will be paid on Friday, January 9 from 5 to 8 p.m.


Entry Fees

All fees will be handled at the fee collection times; you do NOT need to send your school fee in advance.  Fees will be assessed as of 5 p.m. on Tuesday, January 6. Drops after that time do not reduce fees as we hire judges and buy trophies based on your original entry numbers. Make checks payable to University of Puget Sound.  Fees will be paid on Friday evening after taking account of missed ballots and no show judges. Adds are not permitted at registration--a name change is considered an add. Please call in drops and changes early; the fewer drops that are reported at registration, the more likely we are to start on time.

Purchase Orders: We ask that you avoid the use of purchase orders. If you select to use a purchase order then the director of your program is responsible for processing the necessary forms from registration with your schools accounting agents.  If UPS does not receive payment from your school by February 14, 2009 you will be charged a processing fee of $25.  We will send a second bill to you on February 15.  If payment is not received by March 14 you will be charged an additional 10% late fee.  Each additional month late will incur an additional 10% late fee.

  • School fees: $50/school
  • Team Debate: $30/per team
  • Lincoln Douglas: $20/per debater
  • Student Congress: $18/per contestant
  • Individual Events: $10/per entry (not person)
  • Uncovered Team Debate: $100/per team
  • Uncovered LD Debater: $50/per debater
  • Uncovered Congress Slot: $10/per student
  • Uncovered IE Slot: $10/per slot
  • No Show Judges: $125/per no show
  • Missed Ballot Fee: $15/per missed ballot



Because forensics is an educational activity, we believe that a coach-judge who will provide competent critiques for competitors should accompany all entries. Members of the UPS Forensics Team are not available for hire as they are needed to run the tournament. Students who have not graduated from high school may NOT judge regardless of division.

  • Judging Fees:  Please bring judges. If a judge is available for the entire weekend, that judge covers two debate teams and six IE slots; OR four L-D entries and six IE slots; OR six IE slots, and five student congress entries.  Judges cannot cover concurrent events: Team debate, LD, and Congress.
  • Judging Penalties:  Each no show judges not reported by 4 p.m. Thursday, January 8 will cost you a $100 penalty each and the appropriate fees for uncovered entries.  Ballots assigned to judges from your school that are not picked up by ten minutes after a round is scheduled to begin will incur a $15 fee to cover a hired judge payment. 

Entry Information

Policy debate will use the 2008-09 topic and LD will use the January topic. Novice case list applies to policy debate.

  • Team Debate: Eight (8) teams maximum per school, distributed with no more than four teams in any one division. Three or four person teams are permitted if so indicated at registration, but only two people may debate at a time. No one person, or "maverick" teams.
  • Lincoln-Douglas Debate: Ten (10) entries maximum per school, distributed with no more than four entries in any one division. An L-D entry is defined as a single individual prepared to debate both sides. We will double-flight all L-D debates.
  • Individual Events: Ten (10) person maximum per event per school. You may distribute entries between divisions as desired. Open competitors may double enter.
  • Student Congress: Nine (9) person maximum per school, with three (3) maximum in each house. The bills will be posted on We will be using the bills posted on the WSFA Web site after December 19, 2008. We will NOT photocopy bills for distribution, nor will we print any bills for schools in attendance. Schools will be responsible for all of their printing and photocopying needs. The docket may be set by the tournament staff. Students may enter only one kind of debate or student congress.


Divisions for Team Debate and LD Debate

We are following the WIAA competition guidelines.

  • Novice division is open to 9-11 graders who have no previous experience in debate prior to the current competitive year; or have six or less rounds of debate competition at invitational, league, or district competition prior to the current competitive year; and have not placed first through fourth in novice or above debate competition at two tournaments with 15 or more schools attending. First time seniors need to be placed in Junior division.
  • Junior division is open to those students in their first or second year of competition who have not placed first through fourth in junior or above debate competition at two tournaments with 15 schools or more participating.
  • Senior division is open to all students regardless of years of experience or awards won in debate.
  • If a debate team is composed of partners of different experience levels, the team must enter the division of the more experienced partner.
  • We reserve the right to collapse a division of congress, policy, or LD if there are fewer than six schools entered.


Divisions for Individual Events

Novice division is for beginners. These are students who have no more than six rounds of forensics experience in individual events or debate prior to the current school year regardless of class standing.

Open division is open to any high school student. Open division is defined as appropriate for those who have had six or more rounds of speaking experience prior to the current school year. Those not meeting the requirements of novice division must compete in open division.


  • Pattern A: Expository, Extemporaneous, Dramatic Interpretation, Ed Comm, Duo Interpretation
  • Pattern B: Oratory, Impromptu, Humorous Interpretation, Oral Interpretation 
  • Pattern C: Team and Lincoln Douglas Debate, and Student Congress


  • Individual events will be prematched, with drops processed as we receive them.  Not reporting your drops is not the fault of the tournament directors.
  • Team and L-D Debate: Rounds I and II of both debates will be prematched; please report drops promptly.  Rounds III and V will be matched high-high and rounds IV and VI will be matched high-low within brackets, with adjustments necessary to give each team three affirmative and three negative rounds.