Tournament Information

The tournament will follow the NPDA rules of competition respective to time limits.  In 2006 we added one minute of c-x after each constructive. The post tournament discussion indicated this did achieve desired goals.  For now, we will employ standard time limits 7-8-8-8-4-5 but may experiment with preparation or c-x time. Post announcement preparation time will be 20 minutes. In addition we will do the following:

  • employ a five (5) category mutual preference judging (mpj) in Open Division (it is unlikely the Round Robin will use mpj)
  • balance presets for rounds 1 and 2  with all subsequent rounds power paired.
  • clear all teams with a winning record (4-2)
  • employ a topic committee of at least four people three of whom are not affiliated with
  • announce topic areas for both the Round Robin and the tournament no later than October 12, 2007 on "net-benefits" and via e-mail to all directors/coaches expressing interest
  • centrally announce all resolutions
  • provide a "warm room" of results
  • provide a "wellness" room of healthy snacks and beverages.

Puget sound teams will participate and are eligible for elimination rounds and speaker awards.  While we do not expect to have to limit entries, we reserve the right to cap entries at 6 teams per school/per division.

Brackets will be broken for elimination rounds. Elimination round sides will be determined by a coin flip.


Divisions and Entries

We will offer three division of debate--novice, junior, and senior. We reserve the right to collapse junior division if entries are less than five schools with less than 15 total teams. If we collapse junior division those registered for junior will move to their appropriate division (not necessarily open). All restrictions of division entries are based on the most experienced member of the debate team. All students must be enrolled in their college or university and in good academic standing. We will use the NPDA rules on divisions with additional restrictions listed below:

  • Novice
    • The student should have no high school debate experience (including policy, parliamentary, Public Debate/Ted Turner, L-D, etc.).
    • The student should be in the first two semesters of collegiate debate.
    • Once the student has advanced to elimination rounds more than 3 times, the student should be advanced to the junior or open division
  • Junior
    • The student should be in the first four semesters of intercollegiate debate.
    • The students should have less than 3 years of competitive debate in high school
    • The student should not have advanced to elimination rounds more than 3 times in junior or open division.
    • Once the student has advanced to more than three elimination rounds, the student should be advanced to open.
    • Any student qualifying to compete in the TOC while in high school must enter Open division.
    • Any student advancing to an elimination round at either NPDA or NPTE national tournaments must enter Open division.
  • Open Division
    All enrolled students with less then 8 semesters of collegiate debate who still maintain NPDA eligibility may enter open division.



  • We will offer three means of registration. Preferably, we ask you register by e-mail.
  • Due Date: You must register your squad by 6 p.m. Pacific Time Monday October 22
  • Fax: 253.879.6111
  • E-mail:

If necessary you may call in changes to your registration at 253.879.3272. Please call or e-mail changes as soon as you know them.


Fees and Judging

All fees will be handled at registration times; you do NOT need to send your school fee in advance. Fees will be set by Wednesday October 24 at 5 p.m. Drops after that time do not reduce fees as we hire judges, order trophies, and purchase wellness food and continental breakfasts based on your original entry numbers.  Please make checks payable to University of Puget Sound. 

  • $100 per round robin team. This fee will cover meals for the team and one judge, awards, and hospitality. Each round robin team must be accompanied by one judge.
  • $30 per Friday observer to cover food costs.
  • $65 per invitational team
  • $125 per uncovered debate team

Each judge covers two debate teams. Judges for hire will be limited and we cannot guarantee you will be able to hire judging. Please bring your own judges. A judge must be provided to cover your at least your first two teams. We will make every effort to hire extra judging for the tournament, but we reserve the right to refuse uncovered teams. We will hire qualified judges that you bring beyond your commitment. Please alert us to the availability of these judges for hire in your entry. We will pay $20 per debate round and hire highly preferred judges for a flat rate of $200 through finals. Judging obligations extend through the quarter-final round or one round beyond that in which your team is eliminated. The success of the tournament requires judges to meet their professional obligations of judging. Judges should make every effort to make complete yet prompt decisions and turn in ballots prior to any oral critiques. Please understand we want your judges and not your money.

Upon the conclusion of the debate we ask that judges/critics (a) make a decision, voting for one and only one team, (b) turn in the ballot, and then (c) offer the teams your oral critique of the round. If a judge fails to a make a decision or gives a double win/loss, the tabroom will flip a coin and assign a winner and a loser.



We have reserved a block of rooms at the LaQuinta Hotel near the Tacoma Dome a short drive from campus. The block is currently small, but more rooms are expected to be available closer to the tournament. The rate is $99 per night. Call 253.383.0146 and tell them you are with "UPS Debate." In addition, several local hotels offer excellent rates.

  • North
    • Motel 6-Fife 253.922.1270
    • Day's Inn-Fife 253.922.3500
    • Extended Stay 253.926.6316
    • Comfort Inn 253.926.2301
  • Central
    • Sheraton 253.572.3200
    • Silver Cloud 253.272.1300
  • South
    • Comfort Inn 253.538.7998
    • Holiday Inn Express 253.539.2020
    • Days Inn Tacoma 253.475.5900


Registration will take place Friday morning (place TBD) on campus at 8:30 a.m. Saturday morning in Wyatt Foyer from 8:15 to 8:45 a.m. If you are unable to register at that time, make arrangements via e-mail or by calling the numbers listed above. All rounds will occur on the Puget Sound campus.