Fees & Judging

All fees will be handled at registration times; you do NOT need to send your school fee in advance. Fees will be set by Wednesday October 19 at 5 p.m. Drops after that time do not reduce fees as we hire judges, order trophies, and purchase wellness food and continental breakfasts based on your original entry numbers.  Please make checks payable to University of Puget Sound. 

  • $30 per school
  • $50 per debate team
  • $115 per uncovered debate team

Each judge covers two debate teams. Judges for hire will be limited and we cannot guarantee you will be able to hire judging. Please bring your own judges. A judge must be provided to cover your at least your first two teams. We will make every effort to hire extra judging for the tournament, but we reserve the right to refuse uncovered teams. We will hire qualified judges that you bring beyond your commitment. Please alert us to the availability of these judges for hire in your entry. We will pay $15 per debate round and hire highly preferred judges for a flat rate of $200 through finals. Judging obligations extend through the quarter-final round or one round beyond that in which your team is eliminated. The success of the tournament requires judges to meet their professional obligations of judging. Judges should make every effort to make complete yet prompt decisions and turn in ballots prior to any oral critiques. Please understand we want your judges and not your money.

Upon the conclusion of the debate we ask that judges/critics (a) make a decision, voting for one and only one team, (b) turn in the ballot, and then (c) offer the teams your oral critique of the round. If a judge fails to a make a decision or gives a double win/loss, the tabroom will flip a coin and assign a winner and a loser.