Divisions & Entries

We will offer three division of debate--novice, junior, and senior. We reserve the right to collapse junior division if entries are less than five schools with less than 15 total teams. If we collapse junior division those registered for junior will move to their appropriate division (not necessarily open). All restrictions of division entries are based on the most experienced member of the debate team. All students must be enrolled in their college or university and in good academic standing. 

  • Novice Division: shall consist of students in their first two terms of college debate or with less than one year of competition in high school debate. A term of college or high school debate is competition in three or more tournaments in any form of competitive debate (i.e. policy, parliamentary, Pubic Debate/Ted Turner, L-D, etc.). If students competed in two or fewer tournaments in previous terms such terms would not count against eligibility. Students advancing to more than three semi-final rounds in novice or higher division at any other college tournaments must enter the next higher division.
  • Junior Division: shall consist of students with less than two years of competitive debate in college or less than three and ½ years competitive debate in high school. Any student advancing to three or more elimination rounds of junior or higher division debate at previous college tournaments must enter open division. Any student qualifying to compete in the TOC while in high school must enter Open division. Any student advancing to an elimination round at either NPDA or NPTE national tournaments must enter Open division.
  • Open Division: all enrolled students with less then 8 semesters of collegiate debate who still maintain NPDA eligibility may enter open division.