Tournament Information

The tournament will follow the NPDA rules of competition respective to time limits of 7-8-8-8-4-5 with 20 minutes of preparation post topic announcement. In addition we will do the following:

  • employ a five (5) category mutual preference judging (MPJ) in Open Division
  • balance presets for rounds 1 and 2  with all subsequent rounds power paired.
  • clear all teams with a winning record (5-3 in open and 4-2 in novice and junior)
  • employ a topic committee of at least four people three of whom are not affiliated with Puget Sound debate
  • announce topic areas no later than October 13, 2005 on "netbenefits" and via e-mail to all directors expressing interest
  • centrally announce all resolutions
  • provide a "warm room" of results
  • provide a "wellness" room of healthy snacks, beverages, and chocolate

Puget Sound teams will participate and are eligible for elimination rounds and speaker awards.  While we do not expect to have to limit entries, we reserve the right to cap entries at 6 teams per school/per division.

Brackets will be broken for elimination rounds. Elimination round sides will be determined by a coin flip.