2001-02 Results

Gonzaga University Policy Warm-Up
Spokane, WA
September 20-22

  • 3rd Place: Cristie DeVoss & Geoff Zeiger
  • 5th Place: Jessica Gates & Ron Ringuette

Pacific Lutheran University Parli Warm-Up

Tacoma, WA

  • 2nd Place: Brittany Henderson & Mike Severeid

Lewis & Clark Pioneer Tournament

Portland, OR
October 12-14

Open Policy Debate

  • Tied for 9th Place: Cristie DeVoss & Geoff Zeiger, Jessica Gates & Ron Ringuette, Mike Allen & Andrew Stobel
  • 7th Speaker: Jessica Gates

Parliamentary Debate

Junior Division

  • 5th Place: Andrea Touhey & Virginia Wong
  • 9th Place: Kasia Michalik & Melissa Zolkeply
  • 9th Speaker: Virginia Wong

Novice Division

  • 3rd Place: Bryce Schunke with nancy Greenway (BSU)
  • 2nd Speaker: Bryce Schunke

Individual Events

  • 5th Place Open Drama: Brittany Henderson
  • 3rd Place Open Prose: Brittany Henderson
  • 2nd Place Novice Impromptu: Melissa Zolkeply

University of Oregon Forensics Tournament
Eugene, OR
October 26-28

Policy Debate

  • 9th Speaker: Geoff Zeiger

Parliamentary Debate

  • Open Division Tied for 9th Place: Melissa Case & Chris Gulugian-Taylor, Brittany Henderson & Mike Severeid
  • Junior Division 9th Place: Bryce Schunke & Virginia Wong
  • 3rd Speaker: Bryce Schunke
  • 9th Speaker: Virginia Wong

Individual Events

  • 4th Place Open Drama: Brittany Henderson
  • 4th Place Open Poetry: Brittany Henderson
  • 1st Place Junior Impromptu: Melissa Case
  • 2nd Place Junior Extemp: Melissa Case
  • 6th Place Junior Drama: Melissa Zolkeply
  • 3rd Place Novice Extemp: Bryce Schunke