Princeton Study of Classics Graduates

Many students considering Classics as a major ask that question. Princeton University decided that best way to answer this question was to find out what their alumni had been doing. A survey was sent out asking the majors who had graduated since 1970 about their careers. 103 responses were received, and the results are presented below.

Current Professions

Law 17
Medicine 15
     Finance and Banking 8
     Marketing and Management 6
     College/University Professor 17
     High School Teacher 11
Other 29
Other occupations included newspaper editor, computer programmers, literary agent, TV producer, speechwriter for Clinton/Gore campaign, cultural affairs advisor to the governor of New Jersey.


56% of all respondents went on to get post graduate degrees

JD (Law school) 18
MD (Medical school) 14
PhD (various fields) 21
MBA (Business school) 5

These results demonstrate that far from closing professional doors, a major in Classics can lead to success in a variety of professions. While Classics departments are often proud of majors who go to graduate school in Classics and then on to an academic career, this is by no means the only path available.