GRE Study Findings

On the Web site of the Educational Testing Service is a report entitled the General Test Percentage Distribution of Scores Within Intended Broad Graduate major Field, basically the mean GRE score for students in a given major field. The scores are based on the performance of seniors and college graduates who tested between July 1, 2000, and June 30, 2003. Of the 290 fields listed, "Classical Language" scored highest on the Verbal portion of the exam, with only one other field (History of Science) within even ten points of Classics.

Below are listed only those fields that have a mean of at least 550 on the Verbal. (It might be noted that only 67 out of the 290 fields even manage to have a mean of 500!).

Fields Whose Students Scored Highest in Mean "Verbal" GRE

Field Verbal Quantitative
Classics 613 600
Classical languages 610 621
History of Science 605 666
Philosophy 588 632
Semitic languages 585 616
Psycholinguistics 581 641
Comparative Literature 580 585
Russian 580 596
American literature 562 568
European History 561 566
English 561 550
Foreign Literature 554 582
Religion 553 581
Creative Writing 553 541