Spring Semester Check Out

End of Term Check Out Reminders

Summer work/study jobs are open to all students for work in the Chemistry Storeroom. No experience necessary. Contact Mike in Thompson 367.

Last day to check out of lab drawers is the Friday (before 3pm) of the week your class is scheduled to check out.

To be "officially" checked out of your lab drawer, you must be cleared by the Chemistry Storeroom, even if there is no breakage. First, clear your drawer through your instructor or CA -- see the handout "Checking-OUT Of Your GENERAL CHEMISTRY Lab Drawer" or "Checking-OUT Of Your ORGANIC CHEMISTRY Lab Drawer" for details.  Next, turn in your inventory sheet to your CA.  Your CA will collect it and give it to the Storeroom staff.  The Storeroom will notify you if you will be billed for broken or missing equipment.  

Students failing to check out of their lab drawers will have their drawer cleaned for them. This service costs ten dollars ($10.00) plus the cost of any broken or missing equipment, and, any outstanding equipment loans.  Also added will be a $10.00 charge for the drawer key (refundable upon return.)  This service begins at 4:00pm on the Friday of the week your class checks out of lab.

All debts and missing equipment must be cleared before the end of finals week. They are processed and submitted to the Chemistry Department Chair. At the Chair's discretion, all remaining debts will be forwarded to the Controller's Office for collection.

Storeroom Hours:  The storeroom closes the last day of classes. All business will then go through Mike's office in Thompson 367.

Updated 20101009