Chem 250, 251 - Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry


  • Start (weeks 1 through 14)
  • Finish (weeks 15 through 17)

Lab Drawers

Organic Chemistry Lab Rules

Organic Chemistry Lab Rooms

Lab Room Harned 339 Lab Room Harned 339
Computer Room Harned 329A Computer Room Harned 329A
Instrument Room Harned 329B Instrument Room Harned 329B


Organic Chemistry Equipment

Chemical Waste and Disposal:

A good chemical waste log sheet A properly filled and labelled waste bottle
A friendly reminder about labelling Waste bottles in their proper tray



  • Student Laboratory Manual


  • Safety goggles
  • Nitrile gloves

Safety Equipment

  • Fume Hoods


  • Fire blanket and campus phone


  • Emergency Shower and Eye-Wash Station
Eyewash station and emergency shower valve Emergency showerhead
  • Corrosives/Flammables Cabinets
Flammables storage cabinet Corrosives storage cabinet


In case of accidents

  • Acid and base spill cleanup kits, for minor spills (sodium bicarbonate for acid spills, and sodium bisulfate for base spills):


  • Chemical absorbent and broken glass containers


  • First Aid Kit




  • Telephone (see picture of fire blanket for location)


  • Emergency natural gas shut-off valve: