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Interested in joining Phi Sigma?

Interested in joining Phi Sigma?

Membership in Phi Sigma is open to all students majoring in the biological sciences. Students are nominated for membership by the biology faculty based on their scholarship and research activities, then undergo an application and interview process. Contact us at if you’re…

Phi Sigma Tutoring Hours

Phi Sigma Tutoring Hours

Need some help with your Bio classes? Phi Sigma holds tutoring every Tuesday and Thursday 7-8 pm in the Biology Resource Room (Thompson 274)!

Phi Sigma Biology Honor Society

The Phi Sigma Biological Sciences Honor Society was founded at Ohio State University in 1915. We are a national organization devoted to the promotion of research and academic excellence in the biological sciences. The Puget Sound chapter, Alpha Phi, was chartered in 1948 by noted Puget Sound biologists including James R. Slater and Gordon D. Alcorn. Phi Sigma members participate in activities such as volunteering, social events, tutoring, and an annual research symposium.




Phi Sigma Officers, 2019-20

Olivia Perotti, Co-President

Olivia Perotti

Position: Co-President


I am a senior majoring in Molecular Biology and studying the antimicrobial effects of lizard-associated bacteria. I joined Phi Sigma because I wanted to be around other people with a passion for biology, as well as to get involved with the scientific community on and off campus. As Co-President, I help lead Phi Sigma by spearheading long-term projects as well as developing plans for new and interesting activities for our club. 

 Gabriel McHugh, Co-Vice President




Gabriel McHugh

Position: Co-President


​I am a forth-year student and my current work in Dr Ramakrishnan’s lab focuses on Parkinson’s models in Zebrafish. My previous research has looked at the impacts of Ibuprofen on the neuroendocrine system of Zebrafish, the effects of stress in the Zebrafish hypothalamic pituitary gonadal axis, as well as measuring stress levels in developing Zebrafish embryos.  As Co-President of Phi Sigma Biological Honors Society I coordinate our executive team and run the meetings to manage the overall direction of the Phi Sigma Biological Honors Society at the University of Puget Sound.



 Theresa Proctor, Co-Vice President Theresa Proctor

Position: Co-Vice President


I'm a senior majoring in MCB and minoring in math. I work with marine microbes in Joel Elliott's lab, specifically focusing on the physical and genetic characteristics of oomycete pathogens isolated from eelgrass roots in the Puget Sound. I plan to continue studying microbiology (especially microbial ecology) in grad school. I joined Phi Sigma to get more involved with my department and hang out with like-minded science nerds! I've had such a rewarding experience that I've partnered up with my lovely co-VP, Jess, to run recruitment and welcome new members to our society.

 Jess Fairbanks, Co-Vice President

Jess Fairbanks

Position: Co-Vice President


Hi my name is Jess Fairbanks and I’m a senior majoring in Biology. I do research with Alyce DeMarais with my fin-tastic model organism: zebrafish! I look at the effect of BPS on gene expression in zebrafish ovarian tissue. I plan to attend graduate school and studying ecological developmental biology and one day be a professor. I joined Phi Sigma to expand my biology circle of friends! I’m fortunate I get to spend this year as co-VP with my amazing and sweet partner Theresa!! Together we will recruit and welcome new members to the society.

 Priyanki J. Vora, Secretary Priyanki J. Vora

Position: Secretary


My name is Priyanki Vora and I am a Molecular and Cellular Biology and History double major. I’m a premed student who is passionate about spreading awareness around the social justice issues for minority groups in STEM fields. I joined Phi Sigma to be a part of a scientific community that is involved in making science enjoyable and accessible to the larger campus community. I’m excited to serve as this year’s secretary and help form and guide this community of passionate scientists!​

 Katie Hetterly, Treasurer



Katie Hetterly

Position: Treasurer


I’m a third-year biology major with a minor in studio art. My main area of interest is marine biology and I especially love sharks, crustaceans, and cephalopods. I originally joined Phi Sigma to meet other passionate biology students and get more involved in the biology department. I’ve been a member since spring 2018 and I especially love the tutoring and community service aspects of it. As treasurer, I handle fees for the society and help keep track of funding. ​

 Hayley Rettig, Symposium Chair Hayley Rettig

Position: Symposium Chair


My name is Hayley Rettig and I’m a junior majoring in Biology with a minor in music. I’ve done summer research in the Wimberger lab looking at the impacts of beavers and wildfires on songbird diversity. Outside of Phi Sigma, I love hiking, birding, and identifying local flora and fauna when nobody asks me to. I joined Phi Sigma because I wanted to become more involved in the biology community on campus and to get to know the community better. As Co-Symposium chair, I help to organize events related to research such as the Expo in the fall and the Undergrad Symposium in the spring. 


 Maya Sealander, Social and Education Chair Maya Sealander

Position: Social and Education Chair


I am a senior molecular and cellular biology major, and I work in the Madlung lab studying ​gravitropism in tomato plants. I am the social and education chair for Phi Sigma, which means I organize Bio Hour, volunteer events, and fun get-togethers. I joined Phi Sigma to meet people who love science as much as I do and to get more involved in the biology department.

Noah Dillon, Brewmaster

Noah Dillon

Position: Brewmaster


I am a biology major with my interests into researching a variety of projects. I have worked in the DeMarais, Ramakrishnan, and Sosa labs exploring different approaches to understanding biology. I joined Phi Sigma because I wanted to be a part of the scientific community and...brew beer! As brewmaster, my task is to use yeasty friends to ferment anything from beer to ciders and kombucha. Find out why our members are so hoppy!