Miki Memorial Scholar Award


The University of Puget Sound Miki Scholar Award for study in Japan will next be awarded for the 2016-17 academic year. This award is generously funded by the Miki Memorial Endowment Fund. The Endowment was established in 1994 with the support of the Miki Foundation and The Japan Foundation in order to promote mutual understanding and friendship between Japan and the United States. Since then, the Miki Scholar Program has alternately sponsored a Japanese Miki Scholar at Puget Sound, as well as Puget Sound students’ research activities in Japan. Starting in 2016-17, the Endowment will support a full year of Japanese language study in Kyoto for one Puget Sound graduate every three years.

The Miki Memorial Endowment fund will provide to the Puget Sound Miki Scholar sufficient funds to cover tuition and fees for twelve months of intensive Japanese language study at the Kyoto Institute of Culture and Language (KICL), plus a monthly stipend of 200,000 yen to cover housing, national health insurance, local transportation and daily expenses. The Scholar will also receive one round-trip coach airline ticket to Japan from the United States. The Miki Scholar will be expected to live with a host family for at least the first six months, after which the Scholar may choose to continue the homestay or move to a dormitory. KICL will assist the Scholar in arranging housing.

The Scholar will be expected to stay in Japan for the entire year without returning to the United States, and is required to submit quarterly progress reports and final grades to the Miki Committee upon completion of the year of study.

Who Should Apply?
Applicants may include current Puget Sound seniors or recent Puget Sound graduates (i.e., alumni/ae who have graduated within five years of the award). Some prior experience in Japan and adequate Japanese language study are recommended. All other considerations being equal, preference will be given to applicants with a stronger language background. Awards will be determined by the overall strength of the application, rather than on specific undergraduate majors or future career interests of the applicant.

Applicants should submit their completed application to
Jan Leuchtenberger, Director of Asian Studies, by Tuesday, March 1, 2016.

Criteria for Award
The criteria to be used by the Miki Committee in selecting a Miki Scholar include:
• Significance of the proposed language study to the applicant’s professional goals;
• Evidence and promise of superior academic achievement;
• Evidence of the applicant’s commitment to the study of Japanese language and
• The degree of interest in Japanese studies as evidenced by the applicant’s course work or other activities;
• The willingness of the applicant to be flexible and to adapt to life in another
• Evidence of an understanding that the applicant will be regarded as a
representative of the University of Puget Sound during the period of the
award, and of a willingness to conduct himself/herself professionally.

How to Apply
Applicants may apply by submitting the following:
1. The Miki Memorial Award Scholar to Japan application form
2. A copy of a University of Puget Sound transcript
3. A written statement of 500-1000 words outlining the professional significance of language study for the applicant.
4. Two reference forms completed by Puget Sound faculty members.
5. All of the above must be submitted to Jan Leuchtenberger, Director of Asian Studies, by Tuesday, March 1, 2016.