Experiential Learning

"True learning is complete only when action has been put forth."
(Xunzi, ca 313-238 BC, Confucian Devotional Writing)

In Asian Languages and Cultures (ALC) courses, faculty design their curricula to include “real-world” situations and student-led projects along with knowledge-based teaching of concepts, ideas and information. ALC classrooms are interactive. Teachers help students to learn and reflect on their learning and to form positive identities of themselves as successful language learners. Students are guided to become independent learners and active contributors to their own learning.

Outside the classroom, ALC students are encouraged to pursue experiential learning in various forms of educational activities that can complement and enhance their learning in the target language and culture. Students can participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities throughout the year, which are structured and organized by ALC faculty with the goal of providing further opportunities to experience the target culture and engage in the target community. Some students pursue volunteer opportunities and internships locally and on study abroad programs.

Prepare as a Professional Project and Task-based Learning in the Classrooms

  • Student Blog Students in Chinese share their work and projects online.
  • Poetry Walls Upper-level Chinese students created Tang Poetry Walls outside of Wyatt Hall.
  • Visiting Scholars & Lectures Students attend regular presentations related to class topics given by scholars, alums, fellow students, and others to share their researches, expertise and experiences.

Experience the World Cultural Exposure through Co-Curricular Activities and Community Engagement

Engage Your Community Study, Intern, Research and Travel Abroad

Conduct Research Fellowships, Grants and Other Resources

Reed Riggs '05

Reed graduated in 2005 with a major in Chinese Language and International Affairs, and a minor in Economics. While at Puget Sound, Reed studied abroad in Beijing for a semester ... 

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Selina Tran '09

Selina graduated in 2009 with a double major in Chinese and Politics and was also a Robert Trimble Distinguished Asia Scholar. While at Puget Sound, Selina studied abroad in Beijing for a semester...

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Miki Scholar, Noe Yoshioka '16

Noe Yoshioka graduated in 2016 with degrees in Japanese, Economics and Business. While at Puget Sound, Noe was also on the Spring 2016 Dean's list .  Noe is the most recent Miki Scholar and spent a full year of Japanese language study in Kyoto.

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Mark Maffe '94

Mark graduated in 1994 with a major in Foreign Language International Affairs and a Chinese concentration. While at Puget Sound, Mark participated in study abroad programs at Shaanxi Teachers University in Xi’an...

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