African American Studies at the University of Puget Sound

African American Studies at the University of Puget Sound

African American (AFAM) Studies is interdisciplinary, with focal fields such as history, sociology, English studies, communication studies, political science, psychology, social theory, art, music, economics, education, and even natural sciences, such as environmental science with a social justice lens.

AFAM | African American Studies

About the Program

20th Anniversary of AFAM

African American Studies is an interdisciplinary program. The program focuses on African American experiences, while recognizing that other academic subjects bear importantly on the understanding of these experiences and should have a place in the African American Studies curriculum.

Within the interrogative, interdisciplinary, reflexive, and justice oriented mode that guides African American Studies, students in the program acquire sophisticated knowledge of African American and other African diasporic experiences; become conversant with the role of race, power, difference, and intersectionality in the personal, institutional, and structural relations of our daily lives including their relevance for local, regional, national, and international affairs; cultivate rigorous transdisciplinary skills in analytic, reflexive, and community-based research methodologies, and written, oral, and multi-media communication, to formulate, articulate, and interrogate ideas in private and public spheres; develop critical, intellectual, and ethical perspectives that can guide and advance personal, educational, civic, political, and professional actions; and engage and interact with differential sites of community development and leadership in the Puget Sound and beyond so as to deepen and apply their understanding of African American Studies and to learn to contribute collaboratively to the ongoing work of equity.

A few prominent Black Scholars you may find in an AFAM course.

Black Scholars

Beside the Race & Pedagogy Institute, African American Studies continues the work towards equity in collaboration with the Tacoma Community. Click below to learn more.RPI LogoAfrican American Studies Logo 2020