I am handing over the reins of the program to Dr. Bob Boyles effective June 30th.

This is a planned leadership rotation and I am very happy to be setting aside the administrative duties and gaining more time to work directly with students in both class and as a research mentor. It has been six years since I stepped into the role of director.  In 2010 our PT program was producing excellent graduates. But, we were doing so from subpar facilities with too few faculty members and insufficient staff support. I am very proud of the progress that has been made while I have been the program leader.

We now sit as a DPT program with a strong national reputation working from state of the art facilities with a stellar group of eight core PT faculty members.

Accomplishments along the way:

          Move to Weyerhaeuser Hall – 2011

          Gain two fulltime PT administrative staff -2012

          Begin offering summer Kids Camp for children with special needs – 2013

          Recognized as a separate School of Physical Therapy- 2014

          Hired our eighth faculty member (expansion position)- 2015

          Implemented Yellow Ribbon Support for veterans- 2016

          Clinical line faculty gain ability to promote to full professor- 2016

I will be working with Dr. Boyles to create a smooth transition, I am sure he will welcome your support.


Jennifer (aka Dr. Hastings)