CSM 2014 - Las Vegas

Poster Presentations:

"Assessment of a supine spontaneous kicking intervention in infants with Down syndrome." Carlie Rieber (DPT '14); Megan Dalebout (DPT '14); Kailey Campbell (DPT '14); Caitlin Kahn (DPT '14); Julia Looper, PT, PhD

 "Strengthening Hip Musculature to Decrease Pain and Increase Function In Individuals with Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome: A Systematic Review" Chason Hendryx, (DPT '14); Jennifer Campo, (DPT '14); Danny McMillian, PT, DSc 

"Effectiveness of therapies emphasizing movement in the treatment of complex regional pain syndrome type I: a systematic review." Alli Powers (DPT '14); Lenore Brown (DPT '14); Roger Allen, PhD, PT

"Effectiveness of mirror therapy to alleviate symptoms of unilateral neuropathic pain: a systematic review." Becky Pelton (DPT '14); Erin Williams (DPT '14); Roger Allen, PhD, PT

"Effectiveness of external cueing for improving movement in persons with Parkinson’s disease: a systematic review." Jenna Calhoun (DPT '14); John McArdel (DPT '14); Roger Allen, PhD, PT

"Latent effects of stress on delayed modulation of chronic headache pain: case series." Roger Allen, PhD, PT and Chelsea Clark (BS '13)

"Latent modulation of neuropathic pain intensity as a function of psychogenic stress: understanding new mechanisms of delayed pain responses." Roger Allen, PhD, PT

"The Effectiveness of Conservative Treatment for Shoulder Adhesive Capsulitis: A Systematic Review." Bob Boyles, PT, DSc, Ben VanArendonk (DPT '14);  Matt DiDonato (DPT '14)

 "Influence of physical activity, weight, smoking and prior injury on physical performance." Teyhen DS; Shaffer SW; Butler RJ; Goffar SL; Kiesel KB; Rhon D; Bob Boyles, PT, DSc; Danny McMillian, PT DSC

 Educational Session:

"Therapeutic exercise and manual therapy: Analysis of the interdependent and synergistic effects." Danny McMillian, PT, DSc and Bob Boyles, PT, DSc