Clinical Specialists from University of Puget Sound

Student Presenters from the University of Puget Sound - February 3, 2014 Las Vegas, NV

Lenore Brown                        Caitlin Kahn
Jenna Calhoun                       John McArdel
Kailey Campbell                     Becky Pelton
Jennifer Campo                     Alli Powers
Megan Dalebout                    Carlie Rieber
Matt DiDonato                        Ben VanArendonk
Chason Hendryx                     Erin Williams

Clinical Specialists from the University of Puget Sound - February 3, 2014 Las Vegas, NV

Alumni                              Credentials             Year of Graduation              Specialization Achieved

Amber Beardslee            PT, DPT, OCS                     2009                      Orthopedics Physical Therapy
Mary Jane Ewing            MDT, OCS                         1985                       Orthopedics Physical Therapy
Jeremiah Ferguson         PT, DPT, OCS                    2009                       Orthopedics Physical Therapy
Mary Hughes                   PT, DPT, OCS                    2008                       Orthopedics Physical Therapy
Jennifer Laurentz            PT, DPT, OCS                     2010                       Orthopedics Physical Therapy
Lisa Lyle                           PT, DPT, OCS                     2008                       Orthopedics Physical Therapy
Amanda Moe                   PT, DPT, OCS                     2010                       Orthopedics Physical Therapy
Christopher Murphy       PT, DPT, OCS                     2009                       Orthopedics Physical Therapy
Stephanie Wong             PT, DPT, OCS                     2010                        Orthopedics Physical Therapy
Eli Zygmuntowicz           PT, DPT, OCS                     2009                       Orthopedics Physical Therapy
Michelle Lirette               PT, PCS                              1986                        Pediatric Physical Therapy
Bernadette Roberts         PT, PCS                              2001                       Pediatric Physical Therapy
Tina Tyndall                     PT, DPT, WCS                    2007                       Women’s Health Physical Therapy