3-2 Program

Although most students enter the Occupational Therapy Program having already earned a bachelor's degree, the MSOT can be completed as a 3-2 program. With careful planning, it is possible for a Puget Sound student to interlock the final year of an undergraduate program with the first year of the master's program. Students at Puget Sound who are planning a 3-2 program should work closely with an undergraduate adviser in their major as well as a graduate adviser in the Occupational Therapy Program. During their first year of study in the Occupational Therapy Program, such students retain their status as undergraduates for financial aid, housing, and other purposes. At the time of bestowal of the bachelor's degree they acquire graduate standing in the Occupational Therapy Program. The Puget Sound Occupational Therapy 3-2 Program is only for those who have been full-time, Puget Sound undergraduate students since at least the beginning of their sophomore year. (In practice, a student needs 3 years attendance at the University of Puget Sound, (freshman, sophomore, junior years) in order to fulfill the requirements for the 3-2 Program.

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