MAT Poster Session

MAT Poster Session

Join MAT 2020 candidates on August 7, 2020 from 10:30-2:30 for interactive conversations about culturally responsive and anti-racist teaching practices.

Alumni News

  • Humanities Teacher Lucie Kroschel (MAT’ 13) describes her effort to build an anti-racist library at School of the Arts in Tacoma, WA.
  • Kevin Zamira (MAT '16) and Matt Lonsdale (MAT '09) share their perspectives on the challenges of connecting with students amid school closures.
  • A Special Student Issue of the Race and Pedagogy Journal Engaging Teaching Dilemmas to Foster Culturally Responsive and Antiracist Teaching Practice features the master's work of seven MAT '19 alumni: Julianne Bonnell, Erica Gott, Erika Horwege, Sheri-Ann Nishiyama, Hayley Rathburn, Dylan Richmond, and Robbie Wood. They share reflections that represent how race and racism are visible, silenced, and/or dismissed in classrooms and schools. Also included in this issue are reflections from teacher educators and community partners who contribute their voices to the journal in response to their engagement with MAT candidates' projects.
  • Bernadette Ray (MAT ’01) and her long and impactful career in Tacoma Public Schools as a teacher and administrator is featured in the Summer 2019 Arches magazine.
  • Andrew Miller (MAT ’05) is currently the Director of Personalized Learning at Singapore American School supporting implementation of competency-based learning, customized pathways, and flexible learning environments. He also serves as a consultant for ASCD. Previously, he was an Instructional Coach at the Shanghai American School in China.
  • Matt Lonsdale (MAT ’09) and his passion for teaching marine biology at the Science and Math Institute in Tacoma was featured in the Spring 2019 Arches magazine. Read Matt's reflections about project based learning.
  • Sarah Brauner (MAT ’17) 8th grade English Language Arts at Columbia Junior High School was honored as the Fife School District Certificated Employee of the Year. The staff in each school building votes to select one certificated employee of the year and one classified employee of the year. These selected employees from each school are then asked to write an essay. Based on that essay, the selected employees of the year from the previous year vote on who receives the district employee of the year awards. Read Sarah’s reflections about the importance of relationships in teaching.
  • Ryan Baker’s (MAT '18) thesis paper, "Students at the Center, Progress in the Present: Integrating Frameworks for Justice-Oriented Learning" was chosen as the 2018 University of Puget Sound Writing Excellence Award winner for graduate program submissions.
  • A Special Student Issue of the Race and Pedagogy Journal Undoing Miseducation: Centering Race and Unlearning Racism in Teacher Education features the master’s work of twelve MAT ‘18 alumni: Ryan Baker, Rebecca Bathrick, Ninoshka Chavez, Austin Docter, Holly Keehn, Colin Kelly, Madeline McVay, Beth O’Reilly, Spencer Rake-Marona, Robin Rosenberg, Jordan Ross, Cameron Stedman. They share reflections that represent how race and racism are visible, silenced, and/or dismissed in classrooms and schools.
  • Shannen Riede (MAT '17) is featured in Tacoma Public Schools' video "Everything you dreamed it to be" relating her experiences as a first-year teacher at Crescent Heights Elementary School.
  • Colleen Pancake (MAT '10) was named Puyallup School District Teacher of the Year for Region III. Colleen teaches AVID at Rogers High School. 

  • Lisa Sternadel Rodgers (MAT '03) was awarded the Milken Award. Milken Educators are selected in early to mid-career for what they have achieved and for the promise of what they will accomplish. Lisa teaches ninth grade physical science and AP biology at Grandview High School in Aurora, CO and was selected for creating an engaging and blended learning classroom for her high school students.

  • Jeremy Bort ('03, MAT '05) and Francesco Ortenzo ('01, MAT '05) were panelists at the PAX West gaming convention in Seattle.  Their topic was Gaming in the Classroom: How Play Can Improve Our Schools.

  • Bryan Johnson (MAT '97)  was selected to the Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic Grosvenor Teacher Fellowship program. Bryan explored to the Galapagos Islands in pursuit of enhancing geographic knowledge with hands-on field experience. Bryan is a national board-certified fifth grade teacher in Tacoma and uses Google Earth in unique ways to enhance his students' understandings of and connections to the planet.
  • Bryan Sullivan (MAT '14) and his drama students at Kamiak High School, were nominated for 12 awards from The 5th Avenue high school awards program for their spring musical, "Footloose." They received more nominations than any other high school in the state.
  • Andrew Miller (MAT '05) published the book, "Freedom to Fail: How Do I Foster Risk-Taking and Innovation in My Classroom?" (ASCD, 2015).