Ravi Jaskar M.Ed.'07

Lauren Markert M.Ed.'11

Mark Vetter, Puyallup School District

In my opinion, UPS is one of the top counseling programs in the state. I look for UPS grads when I hire.

Kelly Speir '09, School Counseling

Offering a selective program with small class sizes provided very direct training and feedback necessary for such delicate interpersonal careers. I felt constantly supported and knew that I was being educated and trained in the best atmosphere possible.

Katie Hager '10, School and Mental Health Counseling

I find myself applying the materials I learned in the UPS program every day.

Brandon Muller '10, School Counseling

My three years in the program has helped shape who I am. They have not only prepared me for a career, but for the rest of my life.

Adrienne Petrie '10, School Counseling

[The] instructors were very caring about student success and provided a broad knowledge base. I would highly recommend the program to anyone interested in counseling.

Margaret Rice '09, School and Mental Health Counseling

The counseling program at UPS prepared me to leave the program and immediately start providing clients with professional, ethical services.

Sydelle Denman, Tacoma Public Schools

Could you clone Ms. Markert?

Regarding recommendations for improving counselor preparation

Dr. Brenda McBrayer, Tacoma Public Schools

Figure out a way to populate our schools with counselors like Tristan Allen.

Regarding recommendations for improving counselor preparation