Elementary Endorsement

To gain an Elementary endorsement, you must demonstrate your subject–matter knowledge in multiple ways.

Prior to your admission to the M.A.T. program you need to complete Elementary coursework and state-required content exams. While enrolled in the M.A.T. program you will complete coursework and have school-based placements to prepare you to teach at the Elementary level.



One part of preparing to teach Elementary is a developing foundational knowledge in the core academic subject areas of English, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  Though it is not required, we highly recommend taking at least one undergraduate course in each of these core areas. Suggested courses include:

  • Coursework in English. Be sure to include courses that make use of the writing process.
  • Coursework in Mathematics.
  • Coursework in Science.
  • Coursework in History &/or Social Studies.


April 1, 2020: The University of Puget Sound has adjusted the submission deadline for test scores to accommodate Test Center Closures due to Covid-19.  Please plan to submit test scores by the new deadline of August 1, 2020.

You must pass the two-part National Evaluations System's exam (NES) in Elementary Education and submit scores from an approved basic skills test. No specific passing score is required for basic skills. Scores are used as a formative instrument to determine a candidate's basic skill level in reading, writing, and mathematics.


TEST: WEST–B or Alternative*

Math, Reading, & Writing

TESTS: NES 102 & 103

Elementary Education Subtests I & II

*Out-of-state applicants may substitute either the PRAXIS I or CBEST for the WEST-B. Additionally, scores from the SAT or ACT taken after 2005 may be used to meet the basic skills requirement.


During the academic year, you will complete teaching methods coursework and Elementary school-based experiences. In addition, the state of Washington requires that you pass the Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA), which you will submit during spring semester.


For additional information, contact Karen Stump at the School of Education.