M.A.T. Candidate as Professional

 The School of Education holds students to high standards of professional behavior both on campus and in public schools. Candidates are expected to behave in a professional and ethical manner at all times. Below we provide  M.A.T. Candidate as Professional guidelines, which specify areas on which candidates are evaluated during Fall observations and student teaching.



Work Ethic

Attends consistently and punctually
Completes work promptly
Demonstrates flexibility
Accepts individual responsibility
Displays a positive attitude

Interpersonal Skills

Listens to others
Actively works to build relationships with peers, students, building personnel, and university communities
Considers other points of view
Considers the time and needs of others
Can recognize capacity as well as need

Problem Solving

Considers issues/problems from multiple perspectives
Asks appropriate and clarifying questions
Responds positively to feedback
Anticipates, frames and solves everyday problems

Initiative in Classrooms

Asks appropriate clarifying questions
Talks and listens to students
Makes informed and thoughtful instructional decisions
Identifies tasks to be done without requiring excessive directions from others
Interacts positively with building personnel
Gives appropriate notification of absences
Dresses professionally