Thinking about teaching chemistry?

One part of preparing to teach chemistry is a strong preparation in the subject.  The best content preparation is a major in chemistry.  If you are unable to major or minor in chemistry, you can still teach chemistry if you prepare carefully.

To gain a chemistry endorsement you must demonstrate your subject –matter knowledge in two ways prior to your admission to the M.A.T. program

  1. You must pass the Washington Educator Skills Test—Endorsements (WEST-E) in chemistry.
  2. You must also have taken coursework that prepares you for teaching secondary chemistry.  This generally means at least 5 Puget Sound units in chemistry.  These units should be selected from:
  • General Chemistry.  At Puget Sound take: CHEM 110: General Chemistry I, CHEM 120: General Chemistry I 
  • Organic Chemistry.  At Puget Sound take: CHEM 250: Organic Chemistry I, : CHEM 251: Organic Chemistry II
  • Analytical Methods: At Puget Sound take: CHEM 231: Analytical Methods
  • Science, Technology and Society. At Puget Sound take: STS 347: Better Living Through Chemistry: Studies in the History and Practice of Chemistry