Transfer Credit from U.S. Institutions

Below are the steps you must take to have courses from another U.S. college or university evaluated for the degree at the University of Puget Sound:

  1. Complete the Transfer Evaluation Request form. Using Microsoft Word, you will enter on the form the courses you would like to take at the other college, along with your contact information and information about your academic program (e.g. major, minor).  For summer classes, you can complete the form as soon as the summer schedule is published at the other school.    

    For those planning to attend a Washington State Community College, the Transfer Equivalency Manuals are guides to selecting courses. Note that the manuals are a guide, and not a guarantee that any particular course listed will transfer to the Puget Sound degree.

  2. Save the completed form as a Word document.   Email it to Lindsay Secrist, Transfer Evaluator in the Registrar’s Office,  The form should be emailed from your email account.
  3. The Transfer Evaluator will review your proposed courses following university transfer credit policies. Depending upon the courses you listed, she may need to do further work before completing your request. She may ask you to provide a course syllabus to make a final transfer determination. Upon your return, you may also need to submit the textbook and completed assignments for review as the basis of the final transfer credit evaluation. 
  4. The Transfer Evaluator will email you the completed Transfer Evaluation Request with the transfer decision for each course listed on the form.  It will be emailed to your email account. This completed Transfer Evaluation Request form becomes part of your academic record. The Evaluator will give you a copy of the completed form and a copy of your Advisement Report that will show how the approved course(s) apply to core, upper-division, foreign language, major, or minor requirements, or if they transfer simply as elective credits. A copy will be sent to your academic advisor.
  5. Contact the Registrar’s Office at the transfer college to request an official transcript be sent to this address upon completion of the course(s):

    Registrar's Office
    University of Puget Sound
    1500 N. Warner St #1034
    Tacoma, WA 98416-1034

    It is the student’s responsibility to have the transcript sent to Puget Sound.
  6. After your official transcript arrives, the Transfer Evaluator will apply your approved courses to your academic record at Puget Sound, and email you confirmation that this has happened.