Timeline for Applicants for 2015-16: Application Dates & Deadlines

This timeline is tailored for medical & dental school applications since these applications involve a committee letter provided by HPAC (Health Professions Advising Committee). If you will be applying this spring or fall please follow these guidelines.  


Inform Kathy Samms that you are applying for 2016.


  • Contact the Registrar and the Dean of Students offices to check your integrity and conduct records. (by March)
  • Request letters to support your application: Individual recommendation letters & HPA Committee Letter Request letters (provide letter writer with request form, waiver, resume & interest statement). Inform letter writers that deadline for letters is June 1.
  •  Submit request for Committee Letter (do this even if you aren’t fully decided about applying this year—we would rather have you withdraw the request than submit a late request).
  • Submit list of letter writers to the HP office as soon as you can (no later than May 1).
  • Fill out the Pre-Interview form (contains questions about your background, activities, interest and experience in chosen profession.
  • Obtain unofficial transcripts from Puget Sound & other colleges Submit the Interview Request one week in advance of your mock interview date


  • Take entrance exam (MCAT, DAT, etc.)
  • Sign up well in advance to reserve a spot 
  • Sign up for prep course or obtain books for self-study (official practice tests from AAMC strongly encouraged) 


  • Personal statement
  • Mock interviews

Spring Break Checklist

  • Begin/continue school/program selection
  • Decide on type(s) of programs (if medical—allopathic, osteopathic or both types of programs?)
  • Consider your overall GPA and calculate a science GPA with all classes in Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Math
  • Keep your GPA, science GPA, and entrance exam scores when selecting potential schools—include a range of programs
  • Check websites for programs of interest for required/recommended courses in addition to GPA & test stats—how competitive are you?


  • Go to AMCAS/AACOMAS/AADSAS website to begin filling in application (this can take a few weeks to complete)—the new application is posted the first week of May.
  • Request a copy of official transcripts from all U.S. schools attended to be sent to the application service.


  • June 1: Submit your application
  • All recommendation letters should be at the HP office
  • Decide upon list of schools to which you will be applying. Do your homework (see Spring Break checklist).
  • Complete your application and submit online.
  • Submit ID numbers to HP (both letter and AMCAS numbers) 


  • HP office composes and sends committee letter to application service (AMCAS/AACOMAS/AADSAS) along with individual recommendation letter.

Applications Aren't Cheap!

Costs are not cheap to apply to med schools. Here is a breakdown of costs:

MCAT fee: $210 AMCAS fee (including one school): $160 Each school fee: 10 @ $30 = $300 Secondaries to 10 schools @ $60 = $600