Registration Planning Meetings

Nov. 2-6, 2020

Are you an incoming Fall 2020 student?

If so, your faculty advisor and our dedicated team of academic peer advisors are teaming up to help you get...


You will register yourself for classes this time so DON'T MISS the TWO events planned to teach you how to use our software (PeopleSoft) to register for classes and to be sure you have a class schedule that is moving you in the right direction.

Attend YOUR advising class RPM (details below) and a **PeopleSoft Mechanics Training Session.

**Visit the PeopleSoft Mechanics webpage for more details

Review this infographic for a side-by-side comparison of PeopleSoft Sessions Vs. RPMs including why you should attend BOTH events to get...REGISTRATION READY!

Registration Planning Meetings (RPMs), Nov. 2-6

Your academic peer advisor, in collaboration with your faculty advisor, has scheduled a Registration Planning Meeting (RPM) specifically designed for your advising class.

During your RPM, gather virtually with fellow advising classmates, your faculty advisor, and your peer advisor about the classes you are considering. Have your advisors review the tentative schedules you have put together. They will answer questions about classes needed to meet graduation requirements and the courses required to get you started on a potential major or minor. They will also help you address registration holds (e.g. Terms and Conditions, Advisor meeting, Immunization, transcript, and Financial holds), and share tips and tricks for securing that perfect class schedule!

Ask you peer advisor for the date, time, and link to YOUR advising class RPM. This information was also included in the most recent email from your PA.

To find YOUR RPM, consult the FULL RPM SCHEDULE.

 **NOTE: Let your PA know if you can't attend your advising class RPM. They can set you up with another RPM session they are hosting or direct you back to your faculty advisor for questions about your planned schedule and to have your advising meeting hold lifted in time for your registration appointment.











Email or call (253-879-3250) the Office of Academic Advising if you need additional assistance planning your spring 2021 classes. Our office is fully operational and ready to schedule registration appointments during 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. In your message please include your full name, Logger ID#, and details about what you need help with and we will have one of our professional advisors call, email, or invite you to a virtual meeting to assist you.

To learn more about the academic advising peer advisors visit the Academic Peer Advising Program webpage.