PeopleSoft Mechanics Sessions

October 26-29, 2020

As part of Academic Advising's Spring 2021 registration assistance, the academic peer advisors will teach incoming Fall 2020 students how to use PeopleSoft to register for classes.

Get the tips and tricks on how to register from the pros! See below for additional details about what to expect at a PS-Session

October 26-29: Attend ANY of the 15 PeopleSoft Mechanics Sessions offered. Contact your peer advisor if you don't see a session that works for you.

**Be sure to ALSO attend the Registration Planning Meeting (RPM) for your advising class. 

PeopleSoft Mechanics Sessions:

Peer advisors will host PeopleSoft Mechanics Sessions, Oct. 26 through 29, to teach all new students how to use the university's software (PeopleSoft) to register for spring classes. PS-Sessions are designed to cover the following important registration-related topics:

  • How to find your registration time,
  • Where to check for registration holds, such as the Advising meeting hold, Terms & Conditions, Immunization, and financial holds,
  • How to search classes by term (available starting Oct. 28),
  • How to search for cores and classes that spark your interest,
  • Advanced class search functions, such as finding courses that meet a specific core requirement [i.e. natural science core) or cover graduation requirements, such as the KNOW or Connections,
  • How to add classes to your shopping cart,
  • How to wait-list a class (max. of 2 classes can be waitlisted),
  • How to set up, "Manage my wait-list" so the system automatically adds you to a preferred class (and drops your seat in the less desirable class)
  • How to enroll in classes from your shopping cart

Attend ANY of the 15 PS-Sessions hosted by your awesome academic peer advisors. 

Consult the full PeopleSoft Mechanics Schedule to find a time that works for you!

Be sure to ALSO attend the Registration Planning Meeting (RPM) your peer advisor has set up for YOUR advising class (all sessions held Nov. 2-6).


Email or call (253-879-3250) the Office of Academic Advising if you need additional assistance planning your Spring 2021 classes.

Our office is fully operational and ready to schedule registration appointments during 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Be sure to include your full name, Logger ID#, and details about what you need help with and we will have one of our professional advisors call, email, or invite you to a virtual meeting to assist you.

To learn more about the academic advising peer advisors visit the Academic Peer Advising Program webpage.