Are you an incoming Fall 2020 student?

If so, the Office of Academic Advising, your faculty advisor, and our dedicated team of academic peer advisors are teaming up to help you register for Spring 2021 classes.

We have created the following TWO EVENTS to help our newest Loggers register for Spring 2021 classes. 

1) PeopleSoft Mechanics Sessions: Oct. 26-29; Attend any of the 15 sessions offered

2) Registration Planning Meetings (RPMs): Nov. 2-6; Attend the RPM for YOUR advising class

Review this infographic for a side-by-side comparison of PeopleSoft Sessions Vs. RPMs including why you should attend BOTH events to get...


Your peer advisors are here to help our newest Loggers get...


Overview of how to prepare for Spring Registration: 

In order to be ready to register at your assigned registration time (see your myPugetSound portal for your registration time after October 28) we strongly encourage you to complete the following steps: 

1) ATTEND a PeopleSoft Session (any ONE of 15 sessions offered).

2) REVIEW the 5-minute video, How to run and interpret your Academic Requirements Reportto carefully track your graduation requirements and courses needed to complete your major(s)/minor(s) 

3) REVIEW the 5-minute video, How to run and interpret a "What-if Report" to view the course requirements for any degree combination you want to enter.

4) REVIEW any curriculum guides for any major(s) you may be considering. These guides will give you an idea of the SUGGESTED four-year plan of what courses to take and the requirements needed to complete any major (and some minors). Several minors also have a curriculum guide.

5) RESPOND (RSVP) to your peer advisor's email/invitation to let them know you are planning to attend your virtual RPM.

6) Starting Oct. 28, add classes to your shopping cart and create a tentative schedule (load a number of back up classes too) to review with your faculty advisor and peer advisor so you are REGISTRATION READY!

7) ATTEND your Registration Planning Meeting (RPM) for your advising class - Check the full RPM schedule or ask your peer advisor for details.

8) For a recap on how to register for classes, be sure to check out this short registration video on the peer advisor webpage.

For more information about the VIRTUAL events designed to help our newest Loggers get registered, contact your peer advisor or Academic Advising; email:; call: 253-879-3250.











Email or call (253-879-3250) the Office of Academic Advising for additional assistance planning your spring 2021 classes. Our office is fully operational and ready to schedule registration appointments during 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. If you email us, please include your full name, Logger ID#, and details about what you need help with and we will have one of our professional advisors call, email, or invite you to a virtual meeting to assist you.

To learn more about the academic advising peer advisors visit the Academic Peer Advising Program webpage.