Entering student alerts from the myPugetSound staff tab

To access the Student Alert System, log into your myPugetSound account. Once logged in, follow Campus Operations → Submit a Student Alert. When searching for a student it is best to input whatever information you have about the student, first and/or last name and/or ID. It will shorten the search time by giving the system some parameters. Once you have some information entered hit Search.

Staff myPugetSound menu screenshot


The Alert Form

The alert form has been modified a bit for PeopleSoft, but generally it should look and function in a familiar fashion. One change worth noting is we are now REQUIRING a Course of Action.  In order to do our work in a timely fashion we need to know how you would like us to proceed. If you do not fill in a course of action the system will give you an error message and the alert will not be saved. 

Course of action menu

Notification:  Advisors and the Student Alert Group will receive email notification once an alert has been entered.