Credit No Credit Policy for Spring 2021

For the Spring 2021 semester, the University approved temporary changes to academic policies in order
to provide flexibility and to allow students to successfully complete academic work during the

The purpose of this message is to provide information on the policy changes related to the Credit/No
Credit grading option.

Credit/No Credit Grading Policy for Spring 2021:
Undergraduate students may elect to change any Spring 2021 course that normally requires a letter
grade (A-F) to Credit/No Credit instead. Students may make this revision to their grading option only
between March 29 and April 16. Courses currently approved for Pass/Fail grading would not be eligible.

Classes taken with the Credit/No Credit option will fulfill major, minor, and core requirements this
semester even though that is not normally allowed in the Credit/No Credit policy. Additionally, classes
taken on a Credit/No Credit basis during the Spring 2021 term will not count toward the maximum limit
of 4 Credit/No Credit units.

Credit/No Credit grading may be the best choice during the pandemic. However, also consider whether
letter grading is preferable in order to satisfy the 2.0 GPA minimum in major, minor and cumulative GPA
requirements, or to qualify for university honors at graduation which requires 16 graded units on
campus. Letter grading is still required to impact your term GPA and major, minor, and cumulative GPA.

Per the 2020-21 Bulletin (p. 46) “…courses taken with the Credit/No Credit option are not calculated into
the student’s grade point average. If the professor submits a letter grade of C- or higher the student will
receive credit for the course; if the professor submits a letter grade of D+ or lower the student will not
receive credit for the course.”

Further details on the Credit/No Credit option are available in the Bulletin (p. 46). We encourage you to discuss your decision with your instructor, faculty advisor or Academic Advising (

Credit/No Credit Grading Process – How to Submit Request 
Students will have access to a Google form from March 29th through April 16th that will provide a means
for submitting the Credit/No Credit request to the Office of the Registrar. Students will be notified
through their Puget Sound email account when the form is ready. The Google form will allow students to
indicate which courses, if any, they would like to change from a standard letter grade (A-F) to the
Credit/No Credit option.

Please do not email the Registrar’s Office to request the Credit/No Credit option, and wait for the
Google form. However, if you have policy questions, feel free to contact the Registrar’s Office

Faculty will submit a standard letter grade at the conclusion of the term. The Office of the Registrar will
then convert grades with C- or higher to CR (credit) and grades of D+, D, D- or F to NC (no credit).

Credit/No Credit Grading Considerations
For Fall 2021 Registration

  • A prerequisite course taken in Spring 2021 that receives a CR grade for credit will fulfill any
    prerequisite requiring a minimum grade of C- or higher.
  • If students register for a course in Fall 2021 (or another future term) which was previously
    taken in Spring 2021 with the CR/NC grade option:
    • If the Fall 2021 (or later term) course earns D- or higher, that would earn credit for the
      previously-taken Spring 2021 course with the NC grade.
    • If the Fall 2021 (or later term) course earns C grade or better, that would replace the
      CR grade from the Spring course with a letter grade.

For Course Repeats in Spring 2021

  • A course repeated in Spring 2021 with a CR grade will replace the grade for a previously taken
    course if the prior grade was lower than a C- grade. If the Spring course earns NC, then the prior
    grade will remain.

For Students Interested in Raising their GPA due to Sanctions, Minimum Major/Minor or Degree GPA, or
Dean’s List.

  • Academic Sanctions
    1. There will be no new academic sanctions imposed based on grades assigned
    during Spring 2021.
    2. Students currently on an academic sanction (e.g., probation, continued probation,
    or warning) may improve their academic standing based on one or more letter grades
    earned during Spring 2021
    3. Students currently on an academic sanction (e.g., probation, continued probation,
    or warning) will not have any additional sanction imposed based on any letter or CR/NC
    grades assigned Spring 2021. They will be continued on the existing academic sanction
    in place at the start of Spring 2021.
    4. The above does not apply to cases of academic integrity violation.
  • ď‚·Dean’s List for Spring 2021
    To be eligible to qualify for the Dean’s List in Spring 2021, students must take at least 3 units for
    a letter grade; have a 3.70 term GPA or higher; and not have a Withdrawal or Incomplete during
    Spring 2021.
  • Minimum GPA for the degree, major or minor
    Students working to meet the 2.00 minimum cumulative GPA or 2.0 minimum GPA for a major
    or minor for graduation should work with their faculty advisor and/or the Office of Academic
    Advising prior to selecting courses for Credit/No Credit.
  • Student Records and Graduate School Applications
    Under certain circumstances students may be required to submit a standard letter grade as part
    of an application process. The Office of the Registrar will maintain a record of the standard
    letter grade submitted by the faculty prior to converting it to Credit/No Credit. Students can
    request that this grade is provided in the event it is required to apply to graduate school.
    However, the transcript will not be updated to include the standard letter grade if the student
    chooses the Credit/No Credit option. The process for making this request will be published at a
    later date.

Course Withdrawal Deadline: The Spring 2021 automatic W deadline is April 16. A 'W' (withdrawal) grade has no impact on GPA.

Medical Withdrawal Policy: Medical withdrawal may be an appropriate response to a medical or
psychological condition that prevents a student from completing the semester’s work. Staff members in
the Office of the Dean of Students and the Office of Academic Advising assist students with this process.

Incomplete Grading: This option is available for students, as specified in the Bulletin (p. 48). It is for
students who have completed work of a passing quality, but who have a limited portion of the
coursework unfinished because of illness or other exceptional circumstance. Students must request
incomplete grading from their instructor no later than the last day of class. If the instructor approves
the request, the student and instructor complete a contract that lists remaining coursework and
deadlines for submission. Completed contracts must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar.

We understand that questions may arise that are not covered in this document. Please know that there
are several resources available to assist you with your decisions. Those resources include your faculty
advisor, the Office of Academic Advising, and the Office of the University Registrar. Please do not
hesitate to reach out with any questions.