Troubleshooting Registration


Your academic peer advisors offer the following tips to help you troubleshoot any issues during registration.


  1. You still have a HOLD on your account. Check your “To-do” list in MyPugetSound to be sure you have cleared all holds, including the one Terms and Conditions, a simple one to clear and a common one to forget. Your meeting with your advisor is ALSO REQUIRED to get your registration hold lifted. In some cases, the Office of the Registrar or Academic Advising can help you with this hold. Contact them to assess.
  2. There is a compatibility issue with your current browser. Try a different one; Chrome and Firefox work best
  3. Pop-up blockers are enabled and need to be off.
  4. You forgot to check the boxes off beside the courses in your shopping cart that you want to enroll in.
  5. You have checked off too many boxes for courses in your shopping cart. 
  6. It is not your registration time. Be sure you check your registration appointment time in MyPugetSound.
  7. A course you are trying to enroll in has a special condition, such as seats reserved for a special group, you don’t meet the prerequisite, the course requires instructor permission. Send the professor an email with your ID and a request to be added to the class. Wait for your professor to respond and then check the box off and hit ENROLL in the course.
  8. There is a time conflict with one or more courses in your shopping cart; double-check those course times again.
  9. You used Coursicle to plan your schedule and now there is a problem with the section of Chemistry or Math you are trying to enroll in. Check the course description in MyPugetSound and look for the fine print. This may explain the issue. Some course sections are only open to certain Business students or first-year advising courses. Coursicle doesn't always pick up that fine detail.

To learn more about tour peer advisors visit the Academic Peer Advising Program webpage.