A Bit More About Abby 21'

Why did you choose Puget Sound?

I chose Puget Sound mainly because of the campus, the vibe, the available programs, and the ability for me to still take Flute Lessons even when I am not a music major or minor! I remember my campus visit was a cool fall day and the other person in my group didn't show up! I ended up having a private tour of the university, which really sealed the deal!

What is the most important thing you have learned from your time as a student staff member in the Office of Academic Advising?

In all of my years here at AA, I can say that I have learned the most how to be a business professional in a welcoming and positive environment. Everyone here at AA is so amazing at what they do, but they always seem to have smiles on their faces! It has been a pleasure to work here, to grow both as a student and as a staff member, with everyone! I am so thankful that AA has given me the skills to become a young professional.

In my spare time, I like to...

Hike, Play my Flute, Snowboard, Go to KBBQ and Karaoke with friends, learn new foreign languages, travel (if COVID permits) and enjoy life!