2020 Summer Research Recipients


Student Advisor Title
Lauren Augusta '22 Mark Martin Investigating Genetic Variation and Fitness Costs in Photobacterium​ leiognathi​ Strain KNH6
Daniel Balderrama '20 Andreas Madlung Determining the Role of PhyE in Early Hypocotyl Development in Solanum lycopersicum
Bobby Banta-Green '22 Peter Hodum Analyzing Microplastics in the Stomachs of Benthic Fish in the Salish Sea
Anjali Bardhan '22 Luc Boivert  Iron-Based Catalysis of Acceptorless Dehydration Reactions
Nisa Bhatia '22 Carrie Woods The Effects of Canopy Humus on Non-Vascular Epiphyte Ecophysiology
Ashley Brauning '21 Bryan Thines A Potential Stress Response Pathway in Plants for the F-box Protein F-BOX STRESS INDUCED 1 (FBS1)
Emily Chu '21 Luc Boisvert Sustainable synthesis of chemicals through green chemistry and catalysis
Liz Coleman '22 Dan Burgard Tracking Albuterol Use with Air Quality using Wastewater-Based Epidemiology
Courtney Cox '22 Emily Tollefson Synthesis, Characterization, and Biological Interactions of Amphiphilic Bismuth Nanoparticles
Douglas Craig '21 Steven Neshyba RNA World on Ice
Sam Dickerson '21 Kena Fox-Dobbs Ecosystem Engineers for Endangered Species: Promoting Pacific Salmon Habitat Through the Reintroduction of Beaver Dam-Building on the Tributaries of the Upper White River
Alexi Ebersole '23 Stacey Weiss and Kena Fox-Dobbs The influence of elevation on the morphology and habitat preference of Western Fence Lizards
Joe Ewers '21 Megan Gessel Insertion of Aquaporin-0 and Outer Membrane Protein A into Peroxidized Liposomes to Model the Effect of Lipid Peroxidation on Membrane Proteins
Nick Finley '22 Peter Hodum

Haul-Out Patterns of Harbor Seals (Phoca vitulina) in the Puget Sound as a Function of Tidal Height, Time of Day, and Level of Human Disturbance

Olivia Fross '23 Peter Hodum Population Dynamics and Trends of an Endangered Seabird: Breeding Tufted Puffins (Fratercula cirrhata) in Washington
Matt Garcia '22 Amanda Mifflin Analysis of Desferrioxamine-B and Hematite chemical surface interactinos by Second Harmonic Generation and Sum Frequency Generation
Michael Girardin '21 Joel Elliott Using eDNA to determine the distribution and abundance of the invasive European green crab (Carcinus maenas) from the Washington coast into Puget Sound
Colin Glaze '22 Jeff Tepper Identifying the Effects of Alum Treatment on Water and Sediment Chemistry of Two Lakes in Pierce County, Washington
Camille Goo '21 Jung Kim The role of MMP-2 in hypertrophic response on the muscle fiber phenotypes in functionally overloaded adult mice
Sean Grealish '21 Carrie Woods Using Dendrochronology to Provide a Timeline for Nurse Log Succession Processes in the Olympic Temperate Rainforest
Kobi Hall '21 David Latimer Polarizing Majorana Fermions through Virtual Compton Scattering
Sean Hamel '21 Joel Elliott Measuring the Abundance of European Green Crabs (Carcinus maenas) From the Washington Coast into the Puget Sound Using Baited Remote Under Water Video (BRUV)
Charlie Henning '22 Steven Neshyba The determination of black carbon concentrations on Mount Rainier through LAHM testing and GIS mapping gradients.
Helene Heyer-Gray '21 Stacey Weiss Isolating the pathogenic fungus responsible for egg mortality in Sceloporus virgatus and assessing the antifungal capabilities of the S. virgatus cloacal microbiome
Jessica Hocking '21 Eric Scharrer Structure-property Relationships in Oxadiazole-based Liquid Crystals: Effects of Changing the Lengths of Terminal Alkyl Chains
Nancy Hollis '22 Jeff Tepper Exploring Possible Strategies for Hazardous Algal Bloom Mitigation In Spanaway Lake, Tacoma, Washington
Gabrielle Hurley '22 Kirsten Coffman Diffusing Capacity of Carbon Monoxide During Exercise in Heat
Rei Ishii '21 Carrie Woods and Adam Smith Physarum Polycephalum Network Construction and Resilience
Lukas Karoly '21 David Latimer Calculating transition amplitudes of Majorana fermions mediated by background particles
Cambria Kasten '21 Jung Kim The role of the IGF-1/Akt/mTOR pathway on tibialis anterior muscle hypertrophy during regeneration in cardiotoxin-induced injury in adult mice
Kayden Lynch '22 Steven Neshyba The Effects of Salt on the Surface Morphology of Atmospheric Ice Crystals
Remy Mann '21 John Hanson Synthesis of GlcNAc-MurNAc Disaccharide Derivatives as Lysozyme Substrates
Kendra Mitchell '22 Megan Gessel Synthesis of Large Unilamellar Vesicles from Aquaporin-0 and Model Liposomes and Characterization by Mass spectrometry and Dynamic Light Scattering
Colin Monaghan '22 David Chiu Meeting Quality-of-Service Constraints with Novel Replacement Policies for Bitmap-Index Processing
Timothy Mork '23 John Hanson Synthesis of a Thioglycoside Analog of Peptidoglycan via Enzyme-Catalyzed Coupling
Joey Moroso '22 Dan Burgard Using Population Biomarkers to Reduce Uncertainties in Wastewater-Based Epidemiology Methods
Tina Nguyen '22 Emily Tollefson Evaluating Biological Interactions of Bismuth Nanoparticles in the model organism Caenorhabditis elegans
Lohitvenkatesh Oswal '21 Stacey Weiss and Mark Martin Screening for antifungal genes in the S. virgatus cloacal microbiome
Maiya Pacleb '21 Eric Scharrer Synthesis and phase behavior of 1,3,4-oxadiazole based liquid crystals containing a lateral nitro group
Sara Pernikoff '21 Bryan Thines The Role of FBS INTERACTING PROTEIN (FBIP) in Endoreduplication in Arabidopsis thaliana
Alex Peterson '21 Amanda Mifflin Analysis of Hematite-Siderophore Interface Through Sum Frequency Generation and Second Harmonic Generation
Bryce Poplawsky '22 Peter Hodum Pupping Phenology of Phoca vitulina and Climate Change: Timing and Peak Pupping
Haley Reed '22 Jake Price Bayesian Statistics for Election Modeling and Understanding House Effects
Jake Rizzo '21 Tsunefumi Tanaka Differential Photometry of Variable Stars and Asteroids
Miranda Roland '22 Luc Boisvert Synthesizing Amides Using Boric Acid as a Catalyst in the Presence of Additives
Emily Ross '21 John Hanson The Creation of Chromophoric Lysozyme Substrates Using a Chemoenzymatic Approach: A Lead for Bacterial Infection Detection
Vanessa Schultz '23 Steven Neshyba Determining the morphology and trace elements of black carbon impurities on permanent snowfields of Mount Rainier
Josh Silva '21 Alyce DeMarais Investigating Bisphenol A, and its Related Derivatives, and their Effect on Estrogen Receptor 1 Expression in Danio rerio
Hannah Stockton '22 Rachel Pepper Analyzing Feeding Currents of Microscopic Sessile Suspension Feeders in Nature
Sydney Sukhdeo '21 Bryan Thines Understanding the Role of the F-BOX STRESS INDUCED Gene Family in Abiotic Plant Stress Responses
Lexus Sullivan '21 Jeff Tepper Chasing the Mystery of the Cascades: A Geochemical Analysis of the Earliest Arc Rocks in Central Oregon
Addie Tinkham '22 Barry Goldstein Determining a Baseline of Tacoma’s Marine Shorelines
Diana Tran '22 Dan Burgard Analysis of Hydrocodone and its metabolite Norhydrocodone through Wastewater-Based-Epidemiology
Aldrin Villahermosa '21 Oscar Sosa C-P Lyase as an adaptative response to low phosphorus conditions by marine bacteria in the subtropical North Atlantic Ocean
Joshua Wah-Blumberg '21 Rachel Pepper Understanding the Importance of Drop Impact Location for Splash-Cup Plants
Marley Weiss '22 Stacey Weiss Lateralization of Predation Behaviors Across Lizard Species
Maddy Whitney '23 Melvin Rouse Testing the Effects of Antibiotics on a Zebra Finch's Reproductive Success
Whitney Worrell '22 Kena Fox-Dobbs The Cenozoic Ichnofossil Record in Washington State
Claire Zable '22 Megan Gessel The Effects of Lipid Peroxidation on Membrane Proteins in the Presence of Cholesterol
Shani Zelenko '22 Sue Hannaford Quantification of the Neurological Effects of Paraquat and Minocycline on Dopaminergic Neurons


Student Advisor Title
Devin Anderson '22 Erin Colbert-White The Influence of Oxytocin on Social Learning by Dogs (Canis familiaris)
Jordan Anderson '23 David Andresen and Alistair MacRae Measuring the Embodiment of Musical Rhythm with Mu Wave Supression
Aaron Balderrama '22 Adrian Villacana Perceptions toward Latinx and White men who disclose self-harming and suicide ideation
Eva Baylin '21 Nancy Bristow Lived experiences of immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe on the Lower East Side
Quinn Bohner '21 Sara Protasi Changing Minds with Literature
Chloe Brew '21 Kriszta Kotsis and Brett Rogers Paradigms of Feminine Power: The Piraeus Athena and Aphrodite of Knidos
Karina Cherniske '21 Andrew Gardner Behind Bureaucracy: Participant Observation in the Creation of a Nepalese NGO
Catherine Croft '21 Nathan Clark and Elise Richman Animated Neuroscience Pilot for Kids
Aidan Crosby '21 Nancy Bristow The Bonus March
Oscar Edwards-Hughes '22 Andrew Gardner Interstitial Space: An Exploration of the Urban Landscape and Marginal Communities of Tacoma, Washington
Juliano Estrada Donatelli '20 Harry Velez-Quinones Against Colonial Imaginaries: Rewriting Latin America in Juan José Saer’s The Witness and Bernardo Carvalho’s Nine Nights
Alexis Foldvary '21 Benjamin Lewin Utilization of Nurses in Healthcare Structure of the Cook Islands
Maya Gilliam '21 Andrew Gardner Alternative Lifestyles: Off the Grid and Intentional Communities
Madeleine Golitz '20 Janet Marcavage Illustrating Neuroaesthetics
Daisy Gould '22 Adrian Villacana Am I gay enough? Examining perceptions toward non-heterosexual women
Zach Herrmann '22 Stuart Smithers Body Politics and Modern Taboos
Lily Hoak '21 Lisa Ferrari Where are the Women in U.S. Foreign Policy?
Alex Jacobson '21 Katherine Smith Nationalism in Medieval Scandinavia
Brian Kim '21 Sara Protasi Phenomenal Anger: Defining Political Anger
Jenna Krueger '21 David Moore Investigating Job Stress for Professionals Working in Treatment Programs for Adolescents
Lucas Leary '21 Brett Rogers Generating Gender Violations in Latin Poetry
Fran Leskovar '21 Benjamin Tromly The Hapsburg Monarchy and contemporary Croatian society: The rose-colored memory of the past?
Tio Lloyd '21 Jonathan Stockdale Examining Contemporary Music Festivals Through the Lens of Fundamental Religious Theory
Sydney Morgan '22 Anna Wittstruck Revamp: Tracing the Sounds and History of the Orchestra as an Institution in the United States
Sophie Paul '22 Ameera Nimjee Stagings of Identity: Re-Imagining the Nutcracker in the Tacoma Community
Julia Schiff '21 Janet Marcavage Materialized Narratives: An Exploration of Printmaking Techniques
Andre-Phillipe Therrien '21 Brett Rogers Reading Ovid's Tristia II as a Work of Rhetoric
Alessandra Vidal Meza '22 Matt Warning Social Discounting by Altitude: Andean Perceptions on the Future Valuation of Land Use Amid Resource-Extraction Development
Natalie Willoughby '21 Derek Buescher Online Activism and Intersectionality as Analysis
Kyra Zapf '21 Denise Despres Intersections of Spanish and English Sumptuary Law and Textile Regulation from the 15th- 16th Century