Summer Research Grants in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences


The University of Puget Sound, with the support of the Richard Bangs Collier Institute of Ethics and Science and an anonymous donor, has established summer research programs for undergraduates in the arts, humanities and social sciences. In addition, several other donors have provided funding to support these summer research awards. These programs offer students the opportunity to engage in independent research projects during the summer. Stipends of $3,250 and $3,750 will be awarded on a competitive basis to students who demonstrate research interest and ability.

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Please note the following eligibility requirements:

  • Summer research awards are not open to students who will have graduated before their research is completed.
  • Summer research award recipients are expected to be enrolled the following fall semester.
  • Students who apply for a Summer Science Research Award are ineligible to apply for a Summer Research Award in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.

Recipient Responsibilities

Students who receive summer funding agree to:

  • devote full time to the project for at least ten weeks during summer 2017. Students who cannot devote ten weeks of full time work to their research should not apply;
  • not enroll in summer classes, and not to hold any other employment while engaged in research;
  • submit a written report of the research to the faculty research supervisor and to Associate Dean Sunil Kukreja no later than September 21, 2017;
  • submit an electronic copy of the research report to the Collins Memorial Library for publication in Sound Ideas, an online repository of Puget Sound academic materials, by September 21, 2017;
  • present their work at the Fall Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Symposium;
  • complete both the pre-summer and post-summer research surveys.

Types of Awards

University Summer Scholars

Most summer research award recipients will be University Summer Scholars and will receive stipends of $3,250. Research may be proposed on any topic of interest.

Agricola Scholar Award

The Agricola Scholar Award is designed to encourage and support original collaborative research projects between Puget Sound faculty and students in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. The award seeks to foster intellectual growth creative thinking, discovery, and professional development. It is named after Georgius Agricola (1494-1555), the "Father of Geology," a German scholar, scientist, and physician who worked in the mining regions of Bohemia. He was among the first to create scientific order out of knowledge derived from practical work, basing his writings on careful observation and experience and rejecting the superstitions of his time.

Recipients will engage in original research, collaboration, and presentation of results. An Agricola Scholar grant will receive a summer stipend of $3,750. Funds of up to 150% of the stipend may also be requested for research expenses associates with the proposed project. A faculty member supervising and collaborating with an Agricola Scholar may receive a stipend up to the amount of the student stipend. Awarded funds must be expended (and reimbursement for them requested) before May 1, 2018. Unused funds will return to the pool to be awarded to another student for the following year.

Richard Bangs Collier Scholars

Two students (who will have completed their sophomore year by the end of Spring 2017) will be named Richard Bangs Collier Scholars. These students will receive stipends of $3,750. Applicants for this award submit a proposal describing an interdisciplinary project that applies the concerns of a humanistic or social science discipline to scientific material, or that makes use of a science to explore a topic in the humanities or social sciences. The science involved in the project may be any of the natural or human sciences (including biology, chemistry, geology, natural sciences, physics, computer science, mathematics, economics, exercise science, and psychology). The project must involve both a humanistic or social science and a natural or human science sufficiently distinct from one another to encourage meaningful interdisciplinary perspectives.

Delta Phi Fund

Due to generous gifts from alumni of the Delta Phi Chapter at the University of Puget Sound, one $750 award will be given to an AHSS summer research awardee to help offset travel expenses associated with the summer project. In accordance with the donors’ intentions, the selected projects will reflect "fostering the awareness of social and economic justice on every level possible." The donors "aim to encourage…graduates with a deeper seated appreciation for friendship, the roots of justice, and a lifelong thirst for learning."

Students wishing to be considered for this award should indicate their interest by checking the appropriate box on the AHSS application form. Applicants will be chosen on the basis of the way the Delta Phi aims are addressed in the proposal, as well as on their academic merit. All juniors and seniors are encouraged to apply; in the case of equally meritorious applications, preference will be given to members of the Delta Phi chapter of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. It is expected that recipients will return to campus for at least one semester following the summer for which they receive the award. Recipients are also expected to communicate with the Office of University Relations to provide reflections on their research experience at the time their project report is submitted to Sound Ideas, or by Sept 21.

Important Dates

  • March 9, 2017 - Application Due. Submit one copy of the complete application to Sunil Kukreja, Associate Dean, Jones 212, no later than 5 p.m.

Award Administration

Each University Summer Scholar will receive a $2,750 stipend at the beginning of the summer, on or before May 15, followed by a $500 payment after all reporting requirements are submitted.

The Agricola Scholars and the Richard Bangs Collier Scholars each receive a $3,250 stipend at the beginning of the summer, on or before May 15, followed by a $500 payment after all final reporting requirements are submitted.

Delta Phi Scholars will receive a $2750 stipend plus $750 in supply/travel monies at the beginning of the summer, on or before May 15, followed by a $500 payment after all final reporting requirements are submitted.

Note: Although the summer research project frequently becomes the student's senior thesis project, the required public presentation is not the same as the presentation that may be required by the department in connection with a senior thesis.