2018 Summer Research Recipients


Student Advisor Title
Chris Andersen Leslie Saucedo Investigating the Effects of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) on RAS' Role in Cancer Development in Drosophila melanogaster
Todd Blakely John Hanson Using mutant glycosidases to construct fragments of bacterial peptidoglycan: Synthesis of a lysozome substrate
Jan Bomhof John Hanson An enzyme-mediated synthesis of thioglycoside analogs of bacterial cell wall
Blake Bordokas Eric Scharrer Optimizing Synthesis of 1,3,4-Oxadiazole-Based Liquid Crystal Compounds
Joe Brennan Amanda Mifflin Investigation into the properties of the hematite/water interface using second harmonic generation
William Brooks Peter Wimberger The Role of Song in Reproductive Isolation in Two Overlapping White-crowned Sparrow (Zonotrichia leucophrys) Subspecies
Dominick Budzisz Jeff Grinstead Protein-Ligand Docking: Ensemble HADDOCK Predictions of Protein Conformation
Noah Dillon Siddharth Ramakrishnan, Alyce DeMarals Determining the effect of bisphenol S exposure on the apoptosis of GnRH3 neurons during early embryogenesis of Danio rerio
Adam Duell Andreas Madlung Comparative Proteomics Analysis of Phytochrome E in Tomato Seedlings
Gloria Ferguson Jeff Tepper Petrology of the Naches Formation, Central Washington Cascades: A Record of Tectonic Transition in the Pacific Northwest
Anneke Fleming Bryan Thines Expression of the F-Box STRESS INDUCED Gene Family in Stress
Elena Fulton Bryan Thines A Novel Link Between Protein Degradation and Signal Transduction in Arabidopsis thaliana?
Anna Graf Mark Martin Kefir Frontiers: Integrity and Maintenance of Bacterial Communities within Kefir Grains
Emily Grahn Mark Martin Extending the Host Range of Predatory Bacterium Ensifer adhaerens
Alex Guzman Luc Bolsvert Developing Novel Catalysts for Amide Synthesis
Kaela Hamilton Carrie Woods The influence of Bigleaf Maple (Acer macrophyllum) structural and spatial variation on epiphytic species distribution and diversity
Matthew Imanaka Il-Hyung Lee Fluorescence microscope imaging of lipid rafts with various compositions under the influence of membrane anchored protein segregation
Kara Annie Lamar America Chambers Using Neural Machine Translation to Complete Cicero's Timaeus
Angus Lamont Gary McCall The Efficacy of Recovery Water Consumption for Attenuating Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness
Quintin Lenti Courtney Thatcher Applying Topological Metrics to Assess Possibility of Gerrymandering
Jack Lindauer Jeff Tepper Quantifying Nutrient Loading Responsible for Hazardous Algal Blooms in Spanaway Lake, Spanaway Washington
Julian Long Amy Spivey Measuring the Effects of Ligand Length on Fluorescence Lifetimes of CdSe/ZnS Colloidal Quantum Dots
Madison King Alexa Tullis Canis familiaris Visual Response to Motion in 2-Diensional Objects
Anna Marchand Carrie Woods Nurse Logs as a Resource-Based Niche for Tree seedlings
Gabriel McHugh Siddarth Ramakrishnan Understanding the Neuroscience Impact of Ibuprofen
William Miyahira David Latimer Polarizing Majorana Fermions
Emmi Modahl Il-Huang Lee Tug of War: In Vitro Reconstruction Study of Interaction Between Protein Driven Phase Separation and Lipid Driven Protein Separation on Cell Membranes
Saad Moro Courtney Thatcher Simplifying Markov Chain Theory Through Complex Polytopes
Marlowe Moser Peter Hodum Effects of depth on microplastics and ingestion by a biological indicator species, Mytilus galloprovincialis
Tessa Nania Peter Hodum Retention of ingested plastic by sea birds: an "experimental" study
Isabel Natvidad Rachel Pepper Determining the Effect of Impact Location of Raindrops on Seed Dispersal in Splash Cup Plants
Erin Nicholson Sue Hannaford Effect of Paraquat Exposure on Levels of Oxidative Stress in the Brains of the Bumblebee Bombus impatiens
Madison Orton Jung Kim Impacts of MMP-9 knock out on MMP-2,3,13,MyoD, and MRF4 activation during hypertrophic response following funcitonal overload
Emily Parlan Bryan Thines The Role of F-box Protein FBS1 and 14-3-3 Protein Interactions in Plant Stress Responses
Shreeti Patel Steven Neshyba Three-Dimensional Representations of Ice Crystal Facet Roughness through SEM and GNBF Analysis
Jared Polonitza David Chiu Toward a Transactive Computation-Energy Exchange for Collaborative Data Centers
Theresa Proctor Joel Elliot The Effects of Temperature, Salinity, and Sulfide on Oomycete Pathogens of Eelgrass (Zostera marina) in Puget sound
Kyla Richards Joel Elliot Environmental variables influencing Phytomyxean pathogen infection rates of eelgrass (Zostera marina) in Puget Sound
Sara Rockow Luc Boisvert Synthesis of Iron-Bsed Hydrogen Catalysts with Hydroxypyridine Bidentate and Tetradentate Ligands
Zoe Running Jeff Tepper Petrology and Geochronology of Oso Formation in Northwestern Washington
Elsa Salido Andreas Madlung The Role of Phytochrome E in Tomato Plant Early Growth and Development
Emily Schuelein John Hanson Studies on the hydrolysis and synthesis of MurNAc-GlcNAc bonds in peptidoglycan
Aidan Schumann David Latimer Anapolar Radiation in General Relativity
Kate Segar Leslie Saucedo Modulating the Cancerous Effects of Src using Reactive Oxygen Species
Emma Sevier Kena Fox-Dobbs The Role of Log Mat Biofilm in Energy and Nutrient Cycles at Spirit Lake
Jacob Shaffer Mark Martin Effects of tun formation on the microbiome of the tardigrade
Noah Stewart Courtney Thatcher Examination of Gerrymandering through Copactness and the Efficiency Gap
Grace Sullivan Mark Martin Analysis of the gene(s) encoding purple pigment in a marine bacterium and testing of its antibacterial properties
Jacqueline Van Ardenne Amanda Mifflin Investigation of the absorption behavior of desferrioxamine-B with the hematite/water interface using second harmonic generation spectroscopy
Caleb Van Boven Jung Kim MMP-9 and its role in mediating skeletal muscle hypertrophic response to functional overload via satellite cell
Priyanki Vora Andreas Madlung Determining the Transformation of Solanum Lycopersicum (Tomato) Quadruple Mutant Plants
Ali Walker Leslie Saucedo The Effects of a CRISPR Induced knock out of a PRL in Drosophila melanogaster
Sarah Walling-Bell David Chiu EEG Experiment Scripting Tool for Novice Programmers
Abigail Ward Jeff Grinstead Protein-Ligand Docking: Neuraminidase and Influenza Strain Resistance to Antiviral Drugs
Isabelle Warner Eric Scharrer Examination of reverse phase column chromatography as a purification method for synthetic intermediates in the preparation of new liquid crystalline compounds
Patrick Wigger Amy Spivey Measuring the Optical Properties of Ligands and Quantum Dots for use in Luminescent Solar Concentrators
Deanna Wilcox Joel Elliott  Gull and Crow Food Preferences in Relation to Intertidal Diversity and Sea Star Wasting Disease


Student Advisor Title
Allexxa Brooks Mark Harpring The Woman who Stayed: Rediscovering Rosario del Olmo and her Efforts During the Spanish Civil War
Elayna Caron Elise Richman Sharing my practice
Sarah Cohn Lisa Nunn Peace-Building with Education through the Lens of International NGOs
Ashley Coyne Monica DeHart (Re)Writing Home: Reimagining Haitian Identity in Diasporic Literature
Indigo DaCosta Darcy Irvin Romantic Relationships in Mental-Health-Themed Young Adult Novels
Ilana Dutton Patrick O'Neil Lapses in Historical Memory: Operation Condor and the Dirty War in Argentina
Gigi Garzio Ben Lewin Values, Justifications and Perspectives Connected to the Anti-Vaccination Movement
Colleen Hanson Ariela Tubert A Philosophical Approach to the Standardization of Hospital Ethics Services
Ally Hembree Janet Marcavage From Eve to Ava: Critical Examination and Response to What Happens When Men Create Women
Walker Hewitt Elise Richman Translations from Digital Collage to Painting: Exploring a Liminal Art Making Process
Ayse Hunt Kriszta Kotsis Digital Media Technology in Art Museums
Rose Lewis Chris Kendall Government Policy's Cultural Influence on Female Education in India
Sophia Munic Michael Johnson Patternmaking as Contemporary Sculpture
Emily Nygard Seth Weinberger School of International Training: Multilateral Diplomacy and International Studies
Ronda Peck Chad Gunderson Glass and Ceramics United
Crystal Poole David Andresen and Tim Beyer Metaphors and Mind: How the Brain Processes Metaphors
Hannah Rittner Alisa Kessel An Agambenian Analysis of the Detention Center, The Suspension of Human Rights, and the Racial Implications of Each
Kate Roscher Monica DeHart The International Folk Art Market: Cultural Commodification in the Global Marketplace
Tessa Samuels Seth Weinberger School Actions to Aid the Transition and Socialization of Newly Arrived Refugee Families
Henry Schaller Katherine Smith Crusades, Colonialism, and Medieval Conceptions of Race
Ana Siegel Andrew Gardner Exploring the Effects of Bears Ears' Shifiting Status on Pro-Conservation Stakeholders' Sense of Place
Mary Thompson Kriszta Kotsis Pubic Hair Untamed: Agency and Primitivism in Modigliani's Female Nudes
Ian Chandler Michael Johnson The Interaction Between Modern Fabrication and Sculpture
Molly Wampler David Sousa Successful Environmental Justice Resistance Against Freeway Construction Projects
Andre Zamani David Andresen The Effect of Oxytocin on Face Processing
Sam Lilly Andrew Gardner Perceptions and Attitudes Toward Suicidality
Abbie Foy Pierre Ly YMCA in Banjul, The Gambia
Emma Weirich Pierre Ly YMCA in Banjul, The Gambia
Michelle Liebrecht Emelie Peine Outright Namibia in Windhoek, Namibia
Rachel Moen Kick Kontogeorgopoulos JCA 1221 Holings, Manila Philiphines
Meadow Poplawsky Nick Kontogeorgopoulos The effects of transboundary water management on human security in water scarce regious
Will Keyse Patrick O'Neil South Africa: Post-apartheid ethnic relations in three urban centers
Jessa Miller Patrick O'Neil Venice: The built environment and cultural integration